Lifesmart 1,800 SQ FT Infrared Tower Heater

**Item: **Lifesmart 1,800 SQ FT Infrared Tower Heater
Price: $119.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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I would be interested in the BTU rating on this unit, as it takes a fairly solid 40,000 BTU ($3,000) pellet stove to heat 1,800 square feet.

5,118 BTU/hour = 1500 watts

It doesn’t matter what technology an electric heater uses, 1,500 watts is just over 5,000 BTU/hour.

Let’s watch a video [youtube=Y_HjEyibQRE][/youtube]

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Thanks for that. I didn’t even think to do a watt/BTU conversion. It’s kinda late here. With this new figure in mind, unless I’m missing something, this heater should be able to heat around 225 square feet, not 1,800…

So wait…since when does Woot sell something before you’ll need it? It’s not even cold yet.

"Its infrared technology effectively uses less energy to produce heat from floor to ceiling"


ALL electric space heaters are 100% efficient. If it “uses less energy” it produces less heat. PERIOD!

It cost the same to produce the same amount of heat, but, some less efficient heaters create hot spots and leave other parts of the room colder - it may cost less to heat that would be colder spot but I have my doubts about this heater doing that.

The Woot description states that it will heat 1800 square feet. The product video says 1500. I suspect Woot is referring to a house in Honolulu, while the product video may be referencing Key West. You won’t need this heater in either of those places. Now who is taking bets that this will heat either 1500 or 1800 in Minneapolis.

I have a very drafty poorly insulated cabin in Vermont. I’m thinking it might heat my legs if I stand close to it.

step one: add more insulation

step two: get a wood burning stove

step three: forget the electric heater, get an electric blanket;-)

They don’t even include the AAA batteries needed for the 2 remotes with a MSRP of $300!
LIFESMART thinks it’s smarter than most consumers with it’s ridiculous claim this will come anywhere near being adequate to heat a 3 bedroom house (1800 sq ft). 1500 watts is only going to be adequate for a 200 sq ft room and a $20 1500 watt heater will do the job comparable to this one.

Wait a sec. That’s ASSUMING 100% efficiency, which is literally unheard of. There is no way it’s 100% efficient, so it will be most likely a little less than 5k btu/hr.

yeah anyone trying to heat 1800 sq feet with this is going to be chilly alot. for what it’s worth they make the same claim for their other heaters. It’s just not possible, and woots misrepresenting what the product does by stating that.

but, you can get it cheaper if you factor in shipping through here
oh and they accept returns

I have a problem with that argument. Radiant heaters get really hot at the source, but don’t efficiently heat a room. The heat lamp in my bathroom has two bulbs and a fan, and does not heat an area as large as my infrared heater. Those oil-filled radiator type heaters are also 1500 watts, and never worked as good as these. 10 150-watt lights bulbs use the same energy, but your room won’t stay warm. Turn on your electric stove burner. It doesn’t heat the whole room.

It IS 100% efficient. ALL electric heaters are.

Lucky me. I got two of the Lifesmart heaters on Woot that were refurbished for the same price as this one. Each will heat 1,500 sq. ft. according to Lifesmart.

My dream of getting a larger house and paying off part of the mortgage with my heat savings were dashed. One of the units was scratched, dirty, and had a wire sticking out of the back. A quick Email to Woot about it and I had a shipping label to send it back.

The second heater is in perfect condition and works great. However I can’t say what kind of heating job it will do. Well, I guess I can. It will do exactly what every other 1,500 W heater will do. However, it is in an attractive wood case. It has a remote that is easy to use. The settings are numerous for various heating schemes. It moves about quite nicely on the four wheels. The fan is quite pleasant to the ear, like white noise.

I like it for the price of $60. I would guess today’s offering will work about the same and look more attractive than other heaters.

Hmmm…now I am thinking if I got two of these I could heat a 3,600 sq. ft. house for cheap.

TRY one before you spout bullshit! I’ve used these for two winters now, and saved over $100 a month on my gas bill. LifeSmart’s info says “unobstructed area up to” the square footage. In my house, the kitchen, dining and living rooms are all fairly open, so we put it in the dining room, heat all three rooms, and since the thermostat is in the dining room, it keeps the furnace off, saving me money. At night we shut it off and let the furnace heat the upstairs.