Lifesmart 1,800 SQ FT Infrared Tower Heater

Why do the specifications mentioned in the YouTube video published September 26, 2013 “rated to heat an unobstructed room area of up to 1500 square feet” differ from the specification listed by the retailers for this product “Able to efficiently heat 1800 sq ft of living space”. What are the “real” specifications? Why is this product not listed on the company web site?

So let’s just agree that magic marketing claims are a foot. SQ FT is not Cubic FT. So based on how much air the fan can move, it probably will heat (raise some value of temp.) across the floor in a Single Room over an unspecified amount of time. I wouldn’t take stock in the marketing of effectively saving energy either. Eat habenaro peppers and rub cyan pepper on your skin and you’d swear your were in the Sahara too.

I have a 1500 watt electric heater. with a fan to blow the heat in my computer/entertainment room it sets about a foot away from me and keeps me warm.

I don’t need to pay double for this heater to know it couldn’t possibly heat what it says it will.

If I say my ford ranger could go warp 7 would you believe that until you drove it?

While your electric bill went up $200/mo.?

Unrealistic claims are like the new transparancy. The sheep have left the barn.

i think I get it now. the companies claiming the heater will heat 1800 sq feet. we’re used to thinking of rooms as 100sq feet or whatever, but heaters and air conditioners for that matter heat or cool the whole room, so the area would need to be cubed.

the room I’m in now is about 800 cubic feet, so this heater could heat about two rooms of this size. That I can buy.

but yeah they totally are misleading people using a sq ft. claim, as heaters don’t work that way.

True in theory, and almost in practice. Any energy that creates light or noise that then escapes the room doesn’t heat the room. Though it does still heat SOMETHING.

Since I have electric heat, I switch out all my florescent bulbs for incandescent as soon as it is cool enough to run the heat again. Same reasoning. Zero power savings, and incandescent makes better light and has a lower replacement cost.

Ok Wooters…My wife and I use 3 heaters of this type in a large well insulated home in the Sieras wher it gets darn chilly in the winter. The reason we do this is because we insalled a huge PV array (solar) and have extra juice to use in the winter. These things will NOT heat even 1000 SF on their own period, end of story. However, two of them do a nice job on about 1500 sf of open living space and a third does a good job on master bedroom that is roughly 500 sf. Another thing that must be considered is the cost of electricity. Lasr Deceember we went through 1500 KWH of electricity using these three heaters and a radiator type in our green house. That bill would have been six or seven hundred dollars if not for stored NEM electricity. Our central heating system would have been way cheaoer to use if not for the stored electricity from the POV array. Unlesss you have real cheap electricity or a very small well insulated space, this is not cheep heat. I have the electricity, I am going to get a couple more. Its not a bad price

Electric didn’t go up by much. 1500 watts is like a dollar a day.

Actually, I see them as 110% efficient. You get the extra 10% from the heat generated by your electric meter spinning at warp 9 when you plug one in…

All measurements are in square feet. It takes into account the 3rd dimension. I doubt they;re implying this only heats a one-foot high plane of a 30x50 foot space.

One of the smartest things I ever found was a Sunbeam heated mattress cover. It worked far better than an electric blanket and used less power. It seems like they only last about a year or two before some wire breaks, but they can be found cheap enough that it’s worth the cost to buy one every year or so.

To put a perspective on the heating needs, my 3200 sq.ft. house has 14000W of auxiliary electric heaters attached to the heat pump. Fortunately this is not that cold a location, so I’ve never seen them come on. Probably the spinning of the electric meter would keep that end of the house warm…

I am always astounded at some of the fuzzy thinking that surrounds what people say about various kinds of electric heaters.
I can’t comment on the actual efficiency wattage discussions, but some heaters manage to get the heat they produce into the air faster via a number of means, often a fan.

Others, such as the oil filled radiators essentially store heat so that some still radiates out while the unit is shut off.

But the craziest thing I ever heard from a coworker was an explanation that quartz rod heaters only heat animate objects and not inanimate objects. I would think with even a high school physics class, one would understand this simply doesn’t work!

A new form of heater with some “miracle technology” doesn’t really exist. Some heaters are incrementally more efficient than others in getting the heat they produce out, and that’s about all there is to say.

I sure do love American marketing, the greatest BS artists in the world.

That is the same what I feel. Way back when I got a degree in electrical engineering. In those days the power consumption of electrical devices were given and used to determine what they can do. As far as I remember, physics have not changed since way back when, and 1500 Watts are still 1500 Watts. It might be that the fan used in this unit is able to distribute heated air better, but so did the fan in the classic “barn heaters” that are ugly and gray!

More like 5-6 dollars a day for me. I have used a 1500 watt radiator for several years and have the electric bills to show.

All three examples have one problem, they are not efficient heaters. The two bulb examples convert a lot of the electric energy into light, and not heat, and your stove top is not able to distribute the heat into the room. Put a good working fan across it, and it might do better. !500 Watts of electric energy will not change, the changes are either because part of the energy is converted into light, or very efficient distribution of the obtained heat.

I bought one because I have an electric forced air furnace, and really don’t care if the living room is in the 50s as long as my beedroom is near 70. Back pain, and what not. If I crank the heat to 70 every night, I’m going to be burning 220v at up to 100 amps and heating the whole under side of my trailer instead of just one room…yeah, this will be cheaper in the long run. But, circumstance and bad insulation in a rented residence will vary.

I’ve used a similar heater, 1500w cube like device my parents got at the hardware store, the last time I visited them. It worked fine for a bedroom, and this one is half the price of theirs and has a low mode of 750 or 700 watts.

As for warp 9 spinning discs, I feel sorry for anyone with a non-digital power meter. ;-p

Where did you find one, and what do they cost roughly? I’ve been afraid to get an electric blanket, because of a feline room mate who loves to massage moving legs with very pointy claws. A mattress cover would be safer for him, I think.

[Good Morning Folks,

Does anyone know if this heater has a “tip over function” please?

Or any safety function for that matter???



Why do people that claim savings on one fuel type with any gadget forget to include the numbers for all the affected bills?
Unless this device is the first to create energy rather than transform it, or the author gets their electricity for free, then they must clarify if the $100 (amazing how it’s exactly $100 even) savings is a NET savings after figuring in the offset by the increased cost in electricity or specify the amount of the electricity increase so we can do the math to see the true savings.