LifeSmart 1500 SQ FT Infrared Heater

**Item: **LifeSmart 1500 SQ FT Infrared Heater
Price: $59.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Refurbished

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Is this one of those heaters that are safe for toddlers and pets?

Here is the product page that has a lot of info, user reviews, and a video

Pretty good reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) and a video over at

Good reviews (3.7 out of 5.0) over at amazon

FYI these aren’t any more efficient than a hair dryer, thugh run much cooler I’ve heard.

If you want efficiency, get a high SEER/EER/HPSF rated heatpump.

I have two of these in my home and one in my cattery specifically because they are safe! The added benefit is the energy savings…I just wish I had known about Woot before purchasing mine!!

It was almost 90 in NYC today; bring back fans!

Great. Please let us know where to get one that heats one room and cost 59.99. Thanks.

If you live w/ someone who is very cold in the winter and they want to blast the heat up so that you are choking, your eyes are blurry, you have sweat poring from more glands then you knew existed on the human body, and have an almost uncontrollable desire to strip naked and run out and jump in the snow neighbors be damned. Then this might help solve your domestic winter problems. Hint: put this near the cold person. Set the house thermostat where you want it.

PS RE: Safety : It doesn’t get hot on the outside casing of the unit, so in that respect it’s good. However if one feels the need to stick fingers in the grated thingy, that might be a little hot. Most pets will not do this, they don’t have fingers. Children ? Depends on the size of their fingers. The grates are pretty small. You must make a judgement as a parent on that one. In other words, I don’t want any parents coming back here and yelling at me.

Infrared heater, as opposed to, what exactly? Ultraviolet?

radiant…which will heat objects in front of the unit

While all hot things emit infrared, not all heaters work by that method. Some heaters have elements which get hot and have a fan blowing air over them. They work by convection. This heater is mostly a convection heater. The little window does let a little infrared out.

All electric heaters are 100% efficient, but not economical to use unless you turn down the thermostat in the rest of the house.

Had the same model and returned it after trying it for several days. If you have a very small less than 8x8 then it might be OK. I am leery of the positive reviews because it really doesn’t heat well.

looks nice
great end table

doesn’t work well,
very small heating area

PS I really wanted this to like this unit, looked like a great idea but fell short

owner’s manual HERE

The energy savings are based on using these as intended.
These are SPACE heaters, not house heaters. They save you energy by allowing you to have one area warmer than the rest of your house. Set your house thermostat lower, and put the heat where you want it (living room in the evening, kitchen in the morning, bedroom when needed, etc).
All electric-based heaters are nearly 100% efficient (minus energy used to run mechanical fan, if equipped, which isn’t much).
These are safer than most electric heaters that have heating elements exposed/accessible. Cabinet does not heat up.
Elements might be good for 3 years (or more, depending on usage), and this $59 price may be cheaper than replacing the elements.
The first EdenPure brand I bought cost nearly $400 for a 1500w model (same wattage as this one). I don’t see much of a difference (maybe the wood is cheaper, and not a huge advertising budget like EdenPure, including their infomercials).

You’ll find the fans over here: