LifeSmart 1500 SQ FT Infrared Heater

Are there Amish people involved with this product? 'cause everyone knows the Amish are the experts on modern heating technology.

Anyone have one of these?

Anyone have one? Amazon says has to be on it’s own circuit?

Just bought two of these recently from Woot. Boxes arrived beat-up with multiple(up to 10) refurbished 30 day warranty stickers. Each box had a different version- one with the white remote picture, another with a more modern remote. Each was a different colour - 1 light pine, the other as pictured today.
They both work. We have them in our kids bedrooms, because especially in the fall the temperatures in our bedrooms fluctuate despite our central air because we have a large house. Hasn’t really gotten too cold, but I can’t say I have any concerns after owning them for less than 2 weeks. There was no noticable damage or signs of previous wear on the devices themselves.
There is no question that the price is amazing. One thing of note, it does draw a lot of energy. I had a few things plugged in with the heat on last week and blew a fuse… so I’m sure the energy ratings aren’t great, but it seems to serve its purpose well.

I saw that to, very odd.

Think about it, consumption at 1500Watts, that’s like having 15 100Watt lightbulbs on all at once plugged into one outlet.

Power = Current x Voltage, so 1500/120 = 12.5Amps. Depending on what the circuit breaker is, you for sure are not advised to run anything significant on the same circuit with this.

It needs its own circuit (line/outlet) if the outlet you are planning to use is on a circuit that has any constant heavy draw on it. i.e. a laser printer in an office, or a heavily used microwave, or coffee pot. Anything that draws as much juice as this heater does, you can’t have them both running at the same time on the same circuit because the breaker will kick off. That’s my opinion only. I will say I have three of these in the house and following the above I haven’t had any issues.

I got one a couple of weeks ago, box was pretty beat up too but only had one refurb sticker on it. The unit itself works well, I also haven’t had the opportunity to test it in real cold weather, but from the few times I used it, it seems like it will be more than adequate for the winter weather.

1500 sq feet or 1500 cubic feet?

Looks like every place online says Square feet, but how do you measure heat in square feet?

It’s either a roughly 38’ by 38’ room or it’s a 15’ x 10’ x 10’ room.

This is no more efficient than any other 1500 watt heater you can find for $25. However, you do get a nice looking item with useful features for the extra cost.


A lot of negative stuff on this at Amazon. Needs a dedicated circuit, one lit on fire with little sympathy from LifeSmart and the fact that they do (or used to) try to pass it off as a quartz heater when it doesn’t have any quartz element…seriously, a guy took it apart and nothing. I really, really like the idea of infrared heating, but I’m passing on this.