LifeSmart 1500 SQ FT Infrared Heater

**Item: **LifeSmart 1500 SQ FT Infrared Heater
Price: $59.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Refurbished

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This wretched thing keeps showing up… No Woot, NO! Bad Woot!

Actually, this is a great price on a solid unit. We have 2 of these. They are a nice way to help heat a small to medium sized room. I live in North Dakota, so I can assure you that I know a thing or 2 about trying to stay warm in the winter months.

Got one last time and it was DOA. Actually came here to look into returning it.

Would this be good in a garage in Indiana?

yes would be great for a garage sale in Indiana

Noted. Thanks

Do not no about the 4-element life smart.But the 6 - ELEMENT ONES ARE GREAT.Keeps out the chill in a 1200 SQ FT AREA SET ON 75 LOW.Have seen bad reviews on the 4-element but not the 6-element 1500-1800 sq ft for which I have.

house mate bought 2 of these last time, one of them showed up DOA and one of them was scuffed pretty badly, on top of the fact that they were not matching units, one was about 2 inches shorter than the other. Great product woot!

I don’t get it.
They are just 1500w resistive heaters.
I guess they are pretty.

Not for Mom, I suppose. I like Mom, if that helps.