LifeSmart 1500W Quartz Infrared Heater

How do I know this thing won’t give me Space Cancer?

I can honestly say that this keeps all my infrareds warm.

The item is 13 inches wide not 31 inches.

done and done

Missed a spot.


I bought one of these last time and have to say it works very well. Not sure about 1500 sq ft coverage but heats my living room well without excessive heat output like other space heaters

also: “Plugs into and 120V household outlet”


Seems that people are confused about the speed/power options and you can only control that by putting the thermostat above/below 77. Otherwise good reviews

what’s the BTU output?

this Amazon link referenced is not the one being sold here on Woot. That reference is for a 6 element quartz heater…this one is 4


I just saw similar units (different name slapped on) stacked high at WallyMart for $79.95. Sorry, Woot, no deal here?
Maybe this one has more elements?

“infrared heat will circulate and recycle heated air from floor to ceiling while maintaining the air’s oxygen and humidity”

Would someone with a degree in physics care to comment on this odd claim? I thought heat was heat.

The one at Walmart was NOT the same model- It didn’t have dual wattage modes and was only rated for 1000 square feet, not 1500! (still a good deal, though!)

I purchased one of these the last time and have to say I’m very pleased. First it’s not a plastic cabinet, at least the one that’s supposed to be wood colored. Second and more important it heats well. I received mine during the power outage from Sandy and used it to heat the downstairs, it was able to keep up. When the power came back up I measured the power usage and can put up some hard data. If you figure in the rates for electricity in West Virginia it uses 17 cents an hour at full power.

I have two of these, including this exact model. Last winter, I used one in my dining room and it heated my whole downstairs. The thermostat is in the same room, and as a result, the furnace didn’t come on. At night, we turn it off, and the furnace heats the upstairs. I saved around $100 a month on my gas bill. This technology seems much more efficient than other space heaters I’ve tried, and I’ve tried a lot.

My LifeSmart broke after only two uses. I think it is a piece of crap.

Lol, not laughing at your misfortune just loved your succinctness. Thanks for the laugh.

Be careful with this brand because it appears that on Amazon, this one according to a featured reviewer was found to be claiming to be “infrared quartz” when in fact it did not have both of those elements. Read the second review, by Smitherbreech. It’s certainly nothing I found out personally but I do heed reviewers who are credible. BTW the product title was apparently changed after being called out by the reviewer.

Hey folks, let’s clear the air here. 1500 watts gives out 5200 btus ± whether it comes from a $200. heater or a $39.00 one. These fancy pieces of junk are no better than a regular space heater of the same wattage.