LifeSmart 1500W Quartz Infrared Heater

Come on you northern peeps.

It’s infrared!!! :-/

Got one of these at Menards on Black Friday. My Vizio tv remote turns it on and off.

Other than that, it’s a good heater, and I like it.

I have one of these and would not recommend it. While it is safe and does a decent job heating a small room, it is loud and the controls are not very good. Also when you turn it off it will continue to blow air to cool itself down. It says it does this to get every last ounce of heat out of the heater, but in reality it’s like having a fan turned on you right after you got nice and warm. This alone almost made us take it back.

Got one last time. We have a huge, high-ceilinged room. Other heaters don’t do squat. This one gets the room comfortable, but not hot. For the price we feel it is really good.

I’ll wait till next winter - thanks

I’ve had one of these for over a year now. I live in MA where the winters are COLD! I run mine 24/7 and my electric bill has increased about $80 per month. I only resort to oil on real cold days to supplement. I used one tank of oil to do this last year. 1200 square foot house, 5 months electric = $400, one tank oil = $750. Total heating cost last year was $1150. I disagree with above comment. It’s very quiet and a great cost-saver. I got mine on Ebay for $119. This is a great price!!

I’m late to the party, but the one you linked heats only 1000 square feet as opposed to this one which is rated for 1500…