Lifesmart 2 Or 3-Person Saunas

My wife and have been in the market for a sauna for a while now, we have done some research and there is much talk about EMF output and the dangers of it? I have seen conflicting reports on this issue. Could you please tell me what the EMF output is on this brand? I would love to buy on of your sauna’s but my wife is very concerned with the EMF output. Thanks

In order to avoid EMF output on 110v two person saunas, it is necessary that the thermocoupler resister in the control panel be wired in reverse and grounded to the heatsink using a copper wire - never use aluminum or alloy wires for this operation. The wire also needs to be coiled three times, usually by wrapping it around a pencil. There is no work-around for the a three-person 220v sauna, so if you’re interested in that model, you’re totally out of luck. I hear, though, that facing them in a south by southwest direction minimizes the flow of EMF.

3 person sauna specs shows 220V 50HZ ans further down reads 110V 20amp circuit. Which is it?

I, too, would like to know what the EMF output is.

You ARE joking right? Orient it south by southwest direction?

I am kinda waiting to hear next it helps to wear an aluminum foil hat…LOL

I prefer the feel of tin-foil.

I’ve e-mailed the vendor about the EMF. If anyone else finds out, please update the thread.

This is an important issue and usually if it’s not listed that is bad sign.

A quick search of other Sauna’s, you see the vendors proudly showing off their low EMF or no EMF ratings. Cancer puts a drag on the relaxation.

OK, called the vendor, and was told that there heaters have not been tested, but that they use heaters that fall well below the federal guidelines?? I did find an interesting article in my searches though in regards to these heaters.

The only EMF safe Saunas I’m aware of is Clearlight Saunas.


Here’s some answers, y’all:

  • This sauna is a plug and play – it requires a dedicated 20 amp outlet. It does not require direct wiring.

  • Currently our vendor does not have any EMF ratings.

If this Sauna Mfg using the Low EMF Carbon Coils?

If you are that afraid of EMF try a wood fired sauna, then for can orient it in any direction. :wink:

This is a fantastic reply. IMHO i place of the pencil wrap i would wrap 5 times and use 1 standard crayola marker to ensure proper spacing of the loops.Also make sure to slightly separate the lines so they don’t touch when coiled otherwise the effect is negated.

Does this apply to both model saunas? Saying “This sauna” when you are selling 2 that have different heaters and different power descriptions is a bit confusing.

It applies to both.