Lifesmart 8 Element Infrared Heater

“also does not dry out the space humidity in heated room same as other rooms.”

And how can that be? Do you mean that because it is it localized, it only effects the humidity in the one room? That might be true if the doors were shut.

I bought one of these off Woot two years ago and have been very pleased with it. It blends in with the furniture, and does an excellent job of heating my living room and hallways.

There is more misunderstanding and just plain hogwash about heaters than almost any other product on Woot.

Reminds me of the guy who told me that his “infrared” heater only heated living things, not inanimate objects.

Do some research and you may find that, cosmetics aside, there may be other heaters that do the same job.

But buy whatever you want!

Look nice, work well. Be wary of using it too much. These guys pull a lot of electric juice and can hammer your electric bill. Only use when you are in the room with it. Some makers claim their heaters use less energy than a coffee maker. That is true but you only run your coffee maker a few minutes each day…

All I can say are these little buggers help me save on my total electric household every winter. They take a beating and keep my big, old, ancient heat pump system from taking a week’s pay to heat my house every month!

People who live in California, Florida, South Texas and other places where “cold” is 72 degrees should not post! :wink:

Anyone know if you can set a container of water on top to help keep the relative humidity from dropping as the air gets warmed up?

If the surface of the unit doesn’t get warm, I’m not sure if it would help…plus I wonder about the potential risk of having water spill on a major electrical sucking device. Zzzzzaaappp!

Just read the description a bit more closely. I’m SO glad they explained that those 4 EZ Glide casters were actually wheels!

It would be such a nuisance if the device arrived with 4 moonwalking fishermen with all their casting gear.


Bought one last winter, have regretted it every since. Cranky, low-heat, not a good choice.

I had the same problem with the unit cutting out after a few minutes on a 3 element one. This problem may be more widespread…

Can anyone say how loud these are? I am considering keeping the bedroom a little warmer. I don’t want a noisy unit.

That’s what I want to know too. Normally units with fans are too loud for my taste. I hope someone can answer this. . .

Not to mention they wander all over your house…
Quote: EZ Glide casters will easily move from the heater from room to room.

BTW… does anyone know what the low end of the thermostat setting is. Need something to keep a 16x16 ft (insulated)poolhouse about 40 degrees on those few nights locally when the temp drops much below freezing. Need to keep the tropicals (plumerias, lemon tree, mandevillas, moses in the cradle, etc.) and the plumbing happy!


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These are a good option for someone that does not want a space heater that looks like a boring metal framed heater.

1500 watts is the usual amount used for a high setting on many different types of space heaters, so probably the same costs to run per hour.

I have a client that likes her lifesmart heater as it does knock the chill out of a room fairly quickly and lets her keep her furnace turned down.

Tempted to buy one for myself but I already have too many space heaters.

This past weekend, I had to return 2 of these for various serious defects. I would highly NOT recommend this product.

I want to pull the trigger on this but would like some informed comments:

I need to heat my woodworking shop (aka Garage). Should I be concerned about sawdust igniting this? Will it heat my space? (standard attached 2-car garage with no insulation and metal roll-up door)

Also, will this work just as well if I place it on a shelf (as opposed to sitting on the floor)?

I’d really like to hear from a company rep, but anyone that has used something like this in a similar application would be appreciated.

BTW, I’m located in Arkansas.

What we mean is that we heat the same amount of area using less power. A baseboard heater uses 3000 to 4000 watts to heat the same area as our 1500 watts

Forced Electric Hot Air Is only 100% efficient at the source as it goes thru a duct system it loses efficiency