Lifesmart Indoor/Outdoor Dual Port Air Cooler

I purchased the same unit from Staples online for $54.00. I can not believe it is on sale here for this price. Also it is not that effective for cooling anyway.

^^^ I also got in on the Staples price mistake…

The price here isn’t out of line with normal pricing… Staples was a fluke - and now priced much higher…

I picked up two of the 2 port (Staples), one for me & one for girlfriend… We both think it barely worth the 54+ and not even close to worth 200+

It’s loud (very loud) and simply a glorified fan with mist… No timer or remote (which every tower fan has)…

If you can find this under $60, get it… If not, just get a decent tower fan (you’ll thank me later).

Evaporative coolers, like this one, basically just blow air through a wet mesh, the water cooling the air as it evaporates. They aren’t very effective in high humidity, because the water doesn’t evaporate, but this could be worth it if you’re in Phoenix.


I got one of the 2 port units from Staples. I would be really upset if I bought it on Woot! for the $200+ they’re asking. It’s basically a mister system with a fan.

This is basically what we in New Mexico call a “Swamp Cooler” Basically the dryer the ambient air, the better it will work. If you live in a desert state, I would recommend this cooler. If you live anywhere where it is even remotely humid, then stay away. Here is the wikipedia article on “evaporative coolers”

DO NOT BUY!!! I paid $46 for the dual port one from Staples when they messed up with their pricing and it was shitty. Barely sprayed a fine mist. After a few days, it went from a weak fine mist to basically peeing on everything in the room. I took it back even with getting it for a steal at $254 off.