Lifesmart Infracolor 2 or 3 Person Sauna

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Lifesmart Infracolor 2 or 3 Person Sauna
Price: $749.99 - 849.99
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Check out the product page for the Infracolor 2 and Infracolor 3

Current model: ls-tced-ic2
Woot model: LS-TCD-IC2-1

So what does the “E” stand for?

Reviews on the 3 Person over at Home Depot

A 3 person sauna just sounds awkward.

I guess it all depends on configuration.

I bet it will still work with just one person or two.

Why does the 3 person unit state 220/50hz? Is this a European model? Then below it says you need a 110/20amp outlet? Something is not adding up right…

Is this far infared?

I was wondering the same thing and that was before my first cup of coffee.

If the 220v/50Hz is a misprint and this is for the US, the spec on the 3 person unit state 110v/20amps.

Most typical household outlets are 15amp so the 3 person unit may require some wiring changes. The 2 person unit only draws 15amps.

I doubt it’s a European model. I would assume it requires a 220v/30a hook-up just like any other home appliance with large, electrically-powered heating elements (electric oven/stove, non-gas clothes dryer, hot tub, etc).

Edit: It is indeed a 110v/20a power source that is required. Per the product page:

“Due to the extra-large heaters used, this sauna requires 20 amps of dedicated power and you may have to add a 20 amp receptacle.”

Looks like it would make a good walk in Humidor…

You may be correct but the 3 person specs at Home Depot states 110v/20A. 50Hz is the cycle for Europe and 220v is the standard voltage for Europe. The US is 110v at 60Hz. So the 220v/50Hz may mean that the power supply on the 3 person is for Europe. Or it may just be a misprint.

I have a similar model to the ‘three person’ one. I originally wanted a hot tub and my girlfriend wanted a sauna, so…

A couple of thoughts:

  1. They really do get hot - almost gym hot, but it takes about 20 minutes to warm up to the point that it’s worth sitting in.
  2. I ended up running a dedicated wire and circuit to this - kept having circuit breakers throw on me since the original wire also shared the circuit with the treadmill and tv.
  3. It is really nice to ‘roast up’ in the winters (Ohio)
  4. These produce a dry heat and it really gets the sweat going. I always need a shower afterward.

Being able to say that you own a sauna definitely seems to score a wow factor. Would recommend - especially if you’re comfortable running a dedicated circuit.

How is this shipped? Pre-assembled via a Semi? or is there some assembly required?

I think it is ALL assembly required…

Or the worst walk in humidor of all time…

If I get one, I would look at installing it in my basement. Would it need a vent (to exterior)?