Lifesmart Infrared Heating/Cooling Tower

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Lifesmart Infrared Heating/Cooling Tower
Price: $44.99
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Condition: New


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[MOD: Might be similar but different model number. ]

One 5 Star rating over at Wayfair with Manual Link

[MOD: Might be similar but different model number. ]

Same model at Home Depot for $62.99 /each. Sounds like a good deal plus free shipping since I’ve made a purchase this month. :slight_smile:

Anybody found the wattage for this yet?

500W & 1000W according to the closest model comparison from the Lifesmart web site for nearly identical model ZCHT1055US.

Manual says 1000 watts max.

1000 watts is not enough. It should be 1500 watts max. This is a smaller heater.

This will work very nicely for a small/medium bedroom. Nice to have a remote.

I haven’t been able to find much information on infrared heating health effects. Especially if say I was to put my hands up to this directly… is it going to microwave my blood?

How quiet is it?

According to the Features tab…
“This unit features 2 of Lifesmart‘s long high powered elements and whisper quiet blower to heat a large room.”

Hey Woot! You really should tell us the wattage. That’s the #1 relevant spec for an electric heater.

The nearest model on the manufacturer’s site is 1500 watts. Wayfair shows 1000 watts, but they might be deluded. What is it, please?

Odd that this model number isn’t on the LifeSmartProducts website.

By definition infrared islow frequency waves whereas microwaves are extremely high frequency waves. If you go outside you are continualloy exposede to infrared. Infrared waves aze just a bit lower frequency than the light waves you can see.