Lifesmart Infrared Personal Sauna

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Lifesmart Infrared Personal Sauna
Price: $799.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Wednesday, Oct 14 to Monday, Oct 19) + transit
Condition: New


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Can I be the 1st to say …

WTF ?!?!

Look at the size of that Laptop, it clearly can support a decent amount of weight on the top of this thing.

Welcome To Finland everyone.

Oddest thing I have ever seen for sale on Woot! - and THAT’S saying something.

aka The Schweddy Balls Edition


I loved Helsinki in '79…danced on the tables till the bar closed & then bought the bartender a bottle of Scotch so he could enjoy the rest of the early hours with his friends- I would love to go back some day…although not dancing on the tables!!!

Another brand I refuse to buy after a bad purchase on Woot. Their IR heater electronics failed after one season and the customer service department couldn’t even locate the model they sold me.

So, if your $800 sauna electronics die after a year, imagine the shipping cost to get it back to them, IF they even recall they sold it in the first place.

I’m really getting sick of these companies that import something from China, slap their name on it, know very little about it (except their profit margin) and have no real way to repair the defective items.

I sure wish AmaWoot would find more reliable items, or at least less stuff from the well-know questionable companies.

“Burn up to 600 Calories in 30 minutes - Helps Clear Cellulite -Increases Blood Circulation
Removes Toxins, Mineral Waste & Improves Skin Tone” Sez who?

Worst Woot ever!

Real saunas surround your entire body. Is that person in the photo suppose to crawl in an assume the fetal position?

So someone bought one…WOW, just WOW.

OMG I’ve been looking for this, I only care for the lower half of my body - the top half can F off!

Is it bigger than a breadbox? (Looks like no.)

Is there a seat or bench on the inside to sit on? Why no pictures of the controls? How does the heat not escape out the top around your body? Most toasters are more than 700 watts so how long does this take to make you start sweating? Maybe I’ll just put a toaster in a hope chest and see how that works.

Doesn’t say the laptop and model aren’t included. This could be the purchase of the century! Mail order bride and a 18 pound laptop.

I wondered the same thing myself. Kindof defeats the purpose of the “personal sauna”

I think a space heater and a tent would be just as effective and cheaper too.

So… you can only sauna from the waist down?