Lifesmart Large Room Infrared Heater

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Lifesmart Large Room Infrared Heater
Price: $69.99
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Wow!! Heats a large room, up to 1000 sq ft! Why have I been wasting all this money installing a 80,000 BTU gas furnace to do the job, when a 5200 BTU electric heater would have done just as well!

I don’t know!

Oh wait, were you being snarky?

Wally mart has this same heater for $77 with free two-day shipping. Need to step up your deal game woot.

Yes, but I save $2.01 here :o)

4.1 Stars at The Home Depot

Bought this at Home Depot about a year ago, using it as I type this. This is a very nice little heater for my basement mancave/‘looks like I’m sleeping on the couch again’ needs. Heats up the room fairly quickly (15’x30’x8’) and maintains the temp within a degree or two. Haven’t seen much of an increase on the power bill either. My only real gripe is the green LED temp display is obscenely bright. You cannot sleep in a room without covering the display.

And you don’t have to shop at Walmart, which is worth at least $2.02.

Because you either live in an ancient house without proper insulation, were talked into spending too much by a sales droid, like to overspec things or wanted the least efficient furnace ever? Unless you live in an uninsulated place in the far north, 80k btu is pretty overkill for a <= 1k sqft house. Generally you want ~50btu a sqft for northern climates in a modern house (~60 for an old leaky one) and ~30-~40 for more moderate climates depending on your house’s insulation (or in your case lack there of.) Hell, I’m looking at a 25k btu gas stove for a 500sqft concrete floored addition with a flat roof, three outside walls, and way too many bloody windows (floor to ceiling 1 foot wide ones, as I use the room for my theater I’m not a fan, there are 13 of them and 1 huge regular sized window for A/C mounting :wink: )

But your snark is noted, shockingly “up to” is weasel speak and buyer should beware.

Edit: yeah if you’re really under 1k sqft you’re nuts, my new furnace for~2800 sqft in the main house is a 4 ton unit (48k BTUs) and it’s good in my 1970s house when it’s -20f out… As you were

Eh…not that great a unit. It is UGLY really don’t want block cube in middle of my room. There are nicer looking units at better prices. BUYER BE WARE

How would this do for a 2-car garage woodshop? 20x20

I thought infrared heaters heated surfaces. This doesn’t look like it would heat much but directly in front.

Great price if it would work!

Combine this with a Roomba and you could have a heater that roamed your house looking for cold spots in need of warming. Oh, but the battery it would need would be YUGE!

I have a medium room Lifesmart Infrared and I like it. It’s a little quieter than my convection heater but it takes longer to heat the room evenly. I personally like it more because it doesn’t seem to dry the air out like the ceramic or convection heaters.