Lifesmart LS-WAC8R 8,000 BTU Window AC White

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Lifesmart LS-WAC8R 8,000 BTU Window AC White
Price: $169.99
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Condition: New


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For what size of room is this AC unit recommended?

300 up to 350 sqft

Love the filler reset button on the remote.

Walmart: $189 w/ free shipping or in-store pickup.

Optional Window Fitting Kit…

So I would assume it’s included, and just optional to use, but:

In the Box:

(1) Lifesmart LS-WAC8R 8,000 BTU Window AC White

Maybe the ‘In the Box’ is incomplete? The remote isn’t listed and I would think that’s in the box.

What is the lowest temperature setting?

Is it quiet?

Window units can cause rattles and vibrations that may be louder than the unit itself. Fans speed will make a big difference in noise levels.
Account for vaulted ceilings extra volume to cool.

I searched this on the internet and this exact model is for sale on roughly 10 different sites, I didnt however click everyone so shop around folks!

My one year old Kenmore died on me this week (just out of the warranty period…) This AC is about the same size as the one gone to heaven. Does anyone know anything about this one? Is it going to last any time?

I’m waiting on some clarification. Per the Features, the remote is included, but I’m not sure about the window fitting kit. I’ll update my post when I hear back.

UPDATE: Specs/In the Box are updated. Hope that helps!

I have an older version of this model that I inherited from my parents when they moved into a house with a heat pump. It was bought somewhere around 2001-2003, and it’s sitting in my window right now after being put in place for Seattle’s recent heat wave.

So, it’s lasted many years for us, but that’s Pacific NW heat.

Owner’s manual shows pictures with “curtain” (“window filler”) on sides and “guide” (or “holder,” for lack of a better term) on top and bottom.

Not sure what the “optional” kit would include/add. Maybe for very oversized windows?

Suspect the 8R in model refers to 8(kbtu) Room, and this model number is on cover of manual that refers to “window filler.”

I am assuming this is a 110 and not 220 AC

yeah anything this small is going to be 110. 220 isn’t used until around 18,000 btu.

It certainly does, many thanks.

Arrived today. None of the mounting hardware was in the box. Was yours?

Open every nook and cranny of the box & packing. Then look in the unit itself. Sometimes things are hidden for safe travels.