Lifesmart Slimline Quartz Heater

Is this product wireless?

I’m pretty sure it plugs into the wall for power but I’m checking.

Update: The unit is corded (6’ cord).

Wireless? You’re kidding right?

wireless remote, maybe someday though.

I don’t see any mention of what size area/room this will heat…

How much would this cost to run?

What is room size/area this is intended to cover

From the vendor:

1500W heater can heat a large room such as family room, master bedroom or living room.

We don’t like to rate our heaters with square footage as homes vary and the heating performance changes with amount of insulation or number of doors and windows.

1500 watts is quite a bit of heat. After it warms the room, the “eco” mode will keep it at 68 degrees. That is a nice feature. As someone else posted, it all depends on the size of the room. this would easily handle a 15 x 15 and maybe larger. If one does not work well enough, buy a second. I use a similar one to warm the bedroom warmer than the house furnace.