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LifeSpan Desktop Treadmill
Price: $999.99
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Way too big to fit on my desktop!

Here is a review from a Best Buy user
NewEgg also has a happy buyer

John Green has one of these.

QED this makes you publish NY Times bestselling novels.


We have one of these at work and I think it works pretty well.
Pros: Smooth track, adjustable table height and you can change up the speed. You can also put in your weight and it will give you approximate calories burned, as well as steps and miles walked.
Cons: Gets a little loud when you get around 2.8 mph (I think the limit is 4mph so no running). We aren’t allowed to go past 3 mph at work so I don’t know how speeds work past that. We turn it off between uses and sometimes it glitches when you turn it back on and you have to keep turning it off and back on again to get it to reset.

All that aside is it great if you have a conference call (where you don’t need to do much of writing) or if you have documents to review. I have issues doing extensive typing while using it, but that may be due to myself using it at a higher speed.

Perfect Review over at Target

I actually own 3 of these - 2 of the 1200 and on 800 (this model). I got my first 1200 for writing at home and LOVED it (obviously). I can type at up to 2.5 mph or so and read fairly well up to 3.5 mph (although if it’s dense reading I may slow down a bit). I bought my second 1200 on a Woot sale for my office at work and it gets a lot of comments. All of them have been positive - I have gotten NO complaints about noise. While not noise free, it is relatively quiet for a treadmill. I can talk on the phone comfortably while walking on it. I like getting up to 4 mph occasionally just to get my heart rate up, and while can’t really type or read well at that point, I can watch videos, etc. at that pace. If you are tired of sitting on your butt all day (and the research is saying that is literally killing you) I would highly recommend one of these. I was a little hesitant to get an 800 for my husband, but so far ( well over 6 months) it works just as well as the 1200s, so if you won’t be walking for 6+ hours a day, this is likely for you. While not the deal I got on the 1200 here, this is still a good buy.

Question: If you need to do some serious concentration that requires sitting, does the desk adjustment at the lowest point resemble the height of a standard desk? Or is it still higher?

I have the step up unit with the TR1200-DT5 and when I need to stop and concentrate, I just stop the treadmill and stand there. I do have a seated desk right next to my treadmill desk, so I have that option as well. To answer your question the desk would not lower enough to sit at that desk. BTW…I have walked 6.75 miles so far today while walking and working.

The deal breaker for me is the girl on the phone (Assuming both are for 999.00) if she isn’t going to pay attention to me, I already get that at work, I don’t need more of that.

Too bad…Would have been a good deal for both if the phone option wasn’t involved.


haha just kidding, thanks for the info!

When will woot have the DT3 model (without the desk)? It never seems to be sold at a significant discount.

Remember: Even on a treadmill, the dress code is business casual.

Who’s the chick? Does she come with the treadmill? I’d take her for $5 shipping. Heck, I’d even throw in $10 and you can keep the treadmill.

What I have found: I just carry my desk around with me (velcroed on the monitor to the desktops so no worries!) and I had a special bag made for my tower and battery pack. Now I can walk all day, 20 miles plus on a single charge and have all of my work done. I am still working on incorporating a change of clothing and water holders however.
So, I can see the treadmill here being a huge benefit to someone who is working towards being a walking, talking off the grid businessperson.

Did anyone else get a freight bill from UPS for $150 for this item?

I’m not certain that you should have received that bill.

If you haven’t already, please email into and let them know what you received.

They should be able to help explain and find a resolve.