LifeSpan Desktop Treadmill

I bought a nice treadmill from someone on Craigslist for $75 and the parts to build a desk to go over it (which the guy at Home Depot explained how to do) cost another $75 including spray paint. I’ll take the $150 deal.

Just don’t practice your David-Carridine-hanging-in-a-closet.

I bought this exact model a couple years back when it first came out.

I use it every day at work and walk between 8 miles a day, at about 1.8 mph, with slight variation depending on how many meetings I have, or times I get up.

It still works great, and I never do maintenance on it (oil or anything). In addition, I have more energy, and have lost about 30 pounds without ever thinking about dieting. In fact, my girlfriends mom constantly makes homemade pies, so I can tell you I eat more deserts than I use to.

I highly recommend this product. The desk is incredibly sturdy, and I’m able to fit a VOIP phone, an Apple Thunderbolt Monitor, and a 15’ Apple Macbook Pro on it without problem.

A couple questions I regularly get that I’ll help others with…

  1. You can walk and do work at the same time. You won’t be walking 3 mph on this treadmill. Most will walk about 1.5 mph, depending on your height. You want to walk just fast enough so that you don’t break a sweat ever at work. For me thats 1.8 mph. In addition, you will get so use to walking on it, you won’t even be thinking about your walking after an hour or so of first use. You can walk and chew gum at the same time… so guess what, you can walk and work at the same time too :slight_smile:

  2. The desk is incredibly sturdy. I’ve never once worried about will something fall off, and I have some very expensive equipment on mine.

  3. You won’t hate this treadmill. This is not a treadmill that has a large panel in the front, and you dread getting on. It won’t become a clothes hamper. Since it has a large desk, you’ll be using your computer on it. You can work, surf the web, watch a tv show, etc… Its just as fun as when you do things sitting down, only your getting actual exercise in.

I hope this helps, if anyone has any questions I’d be happy to help answer them.

FYI, this isn’t the same model that woot had for sale on Christmas day (at the same price). That one was the TR1200 which is rated for 6 hours/day. This model is only rated 3 hours/day (wouldn’t be enough for me).

I’m typing from the 1200 model right now, FWIW.

• You can work and walk, for real. I can easily type at 2.5 - 3.1 MPH. Obviously it’s tougher at higher speeds.

• LifeSpan makes very high quality hardware. (Their software is torture.)

• It’s about as quiet as it can be. In other words, you’re walking on a rubber/plastic surface. Most folks cannot hear me walking over the phone.

• The desk is both sturdy and has a very large space.

• If using a laptop, recommend having a larger, elevated monitor plus external keyboard and mouse. Bonus points: use a trackpad.

• The treadmill is very focused on its task: walking. It does not change angles and top speed is 4 MPH.

• A clip-on fan is pretty essential.

• LifeSpan’s desktop software is hideous. I highly recommend not even trying to use it; you’ll just get enraged. If you want to track your progress, either write it down or use a fitness tracker device until they either update their code or open up the API to a company who cares.

how long does it normally take to hear back from support. i was told to send a email as soon as i got my package and they would issue a label and do a refund as soon as they got it back (per kat) i did respond and have not seen any responses yet. never had to deal with woot for any issues so i wasnt sure.


[mod note: we’ll be contacting CS about your order]

Just curious about the whole walk as you work thing. Will this work if you use a mouse extensively - like for design, 3D CAD, drawing?

Yes. I have no problem using my mouse or keyboard.

What you’ll find is it depends on the speed you walk. If you are going 3 mph, that would be tougher… If your doing 1.5 mph, this is actually very slow, its very easy to do normal activities.

Also note that Woot pays only for the treadmill to your door… No stairs… No bringing it in the house. So if this is a heavy treadmill as mine was you better get a mover or some friends to help get it in the house.

Has anybody successfully returned anything from Woot? I been buying for years with no problems until a bought something that does not work.
Can not get them to do anything,

Please help

[mod note: we’ll try to ping CS with your info]

when it says “rated 3 hours a day” does that mean that if you use it for more than 3 hours a day it’s gonna kill the thing or what?

All I have to say is: Stay AWAY from woot for big ticket items! I’ve been buying from woot since early 2008. I bought this (actually, the model above this one) last Oct, for well over $1,000. Told woot NOT to use my credit card on file but to use a different credit card. They IGNORED my very clear request to NOT use my credit card of file and TOTALLY F’d my finances. Thanks woot. Numerous emails and 3 hand written letter to their corporate office asking for arbitration (as per their customer policy) went IGNORED AND UNANSWERED. It has been over FOUR MONTHS and not a word from woot to my written letters asking for specific actions to be taken. If I had the money and time, woot’s lawyers and I would be sitting in small claims court right now. Be a damn, DAMN, COLD day in hell before I every spend another penny at woot. Woot used to be fun, now they just F’ customers with impunity. You have been warned.

I’m really sorry for the continual inconvenience, I will speak with our CS team and hopefully we can get your case handled ASAP.

Funny I have been using wood clamps with a painted cut to fit board to do this on my regular treadmill for years.

Max weight capacity: 300lbs

Fights obesity! …as long as you are not so obese that you need to resort to something drastic, like paying $1000 for a treadmill desk.

mine stopped working after just 4 months! =( and after 4 months there is no return option or anything. WOW that was expensive and I followed the instructions and safety instructions 100%.

mine stopped working after only 4 months!!! please help

mine stopped working after only 4 months!!!

EXACTLY! mine stopped working after only 4 months!!!

You have a warranty with LifeSpan and should be able to contact them here for warranty repair.