LifeSpan Fitness TR3000i Folding Treadmill

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LifeSpan Fitness TR3000i Folding Treadmill
Price: $1199.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 2-3 business days. (Friday, Feb 20 to Monday, Feb 23) + transit
Condition: New


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That’s an Expensive Coat Hanger!


Um…List price 1999.99…but yet in 2011 (4 years ago!) it was reviewed as best treadmill under 1500.00? You can definitely get something “better” for much less.

Specific suggestions?

I have this treadmill, it’s really great, and if anything goes wrong they send a service tech to your house (at least so far, within 6 months of purchase, probably lasts a year minimum).

This is $1k on, so don’t buy at woot.

It’s a little disappointing when WOOT offers something that can be found on Amazon for the exact same price. I guess you could say it’s $5 cheaper on Amazon thanks to their free shipping. Come on, Woot…create a bargain!

Where do you see this for $1k on Amazon?

I bought this treadmill new from 2nd Wind this past season’s black Friday weekend. They sold it for $1,050 plus tax.

It’s a very solid piece of equipment that appeared reasonably straightforward to assemble, although I also managed to get free delivery and assembly because of some issues at the store.

For anyone interested in the USB tracking of exercise data, I’m sorry to report it’s less than stellar. It’s done by inserting a USB key in the treadmill while exercising, then removing the drive when you’re ready to upload the data. There’s some workable but not polished client software to do the upload to the server. The website itself is below average at best. You can see all your uploaded exercise data and track lots of other things, setting goals, etc, but it’s not pretty. You’re better off using a personal activity tracker like FitBit.

I still really like the treadmill but wanted to speak about one of its shortcomings that I didn’t see mentioned online when I researched this equipment.

Through price reducing glasses I assume.

It’s the same price on Amazon

Woot IS Amazon! Was a lot better site when it was just one deal a day - instead of an Amazon subsidiary.

LifeSpan Rep here. Any questions you have, we will be happy to answer.

I’ve purchased a lot of things on Woot, and have been satisfied with every purchase. But just a warning, before you purchase a treadmill online, ask yourself who is going to set it up (you?) and who do you call if it needs repair? I bought mine locally and negotiated with the store free set up and delivery. They carried it down stairs to my finished basement (it weighs a little over 200lbs) and set it all up. Mine came with a lifetime motor, frame and deck warranty, and a 5 year warranty for the remainder of the treadmill. I use mine daily and love it.

Setting up part: yeah, that’s on the buyer typically, so add that as a factor to consider if you’re comparing this to any other particular store-bought treadmill. (They delivered it to the garage, and I had to carry the parts into the basement, but I believe they would have brought it in, if not for a little cash, had I already had a space set aside for it.) But about repair, I bought one from woot! several years ago that did not work on delivery, and the manufacturer sent out a service tech to repair it. (Which did not work the first time - bad control boards, so he came again and was on the phone advocating for me with the company, and got it working fine.)

Actually it would be cheaper for me on Amazon as I have prime.

The reviews are good and it looks like a nice product, but I come to Woot to get a deal, not to highlight an Amazon price that is already there. Come on Woot, where are the bargains???

This site is very disappointing since Amazon purchased it. I feel as if is just marketing, marketing, marketing…

Where are you seeing it on Amazon for the same price? I found it for $1499 on there: