LifeSpan Fitness TR3000i Folding Treadmill

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LifeSpan Fitness TR3000i Folding Treadmill
Price: $1199.99
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Condition: New


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Trust me on this one, NOT for the serious runner. I would beat this thing like a … well, you know.
I don’t think this baby would last me a whole winter.
For the recreational walker or a couple of miles runner, this might be OK.

My .02

You aren’t giving us much insight as to WHY you think that. Are you a 300-pound marathoner or are there specific design deficiencies that you can point out?

Keep your $0.02 … Seems like it would be better to trust the 50+ 4.5 star reviews on Amazon…versus…your assessment above.

Okay, here’s my $.02. I ordered one of these a little over a week ago at the same price during a one-day special on Woot and Amazon. I had demoed the model so I was satisfied with the design versus 2 Sole models I have owned. Today I got a chance to unpack the unit. The packaging is fine but there is breakage and damage to plastic shielding that is not consistent with any damage to the box. In my case I did not receive a pristine unit. I strongly suspect it is a repackaged return.

I have the TR1200i, us it a few days a week, and it’s great. I suspect this is just as good (or hopefully better since it’s more expensive)…

I put a pre-cut wooden shelf across the arms of my treadmill, thus converting it into a stand-up desk. I mounted my laptop in front of the treadmill display. Now To surf the web I am already standing on my treadmill and it’s trivially easy to walk at a low to moderate pace 1.5-2mph while I surf the web or watch online video. For me the secret to regular exercise is not to have to find time, but use the time I would use for something else, and find something like listening to podcasts or surfing the web to distract from the boredom of walking to nowhere.

Any treadmill with 2.75 hp or more is perfectly fine for walking. I walk about an hour per day, almost every day. My other brand treadmill has lasted years. The rule of thumb from my research is that if you want to run, not walk you need 3 or more hp. If you plan on using it for more than an hour per day, mor than 5 days per week you want more horsepower in the motor which increases the durability of the treadmill.