LifeSpan Fitness Treadmill Desk

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LifeSpan Fitness Treadmill Desk
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Oh yeah, walking on a treadmill in medium-high heels. ERGONOMIC!

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[groan]. I thought you were being “cute”, but yeah, she really is wearing heels… even if they’re only 2 inchers

Good lord, who would pay over a thousand dollars for that? looks like a couple of two by fours, a sheet of plywood and some moderate carpenter skills, and you could have something very close to that for around $40

Ummm… how’s someone going to make a treadmill out of 2x4’s and plywood? That could be cool. (Not to mention that stand up desks, without the treadmill, are almost always at least several hundred dollars.)

I didn’t chase down the Treadmill Doctor link, but according to this Sear’s listing, where it is being sold for $1400, this treadmill was rated as a Best New Treadmill for 2012.

$1479 on Amazon, with very good reviews:

Impressive list of recognitions listed on their own site for this model:

TR1200-DT5: Featured in PC Magazine
TR1200-DT5: Featured in Mashable
TR1200-DT5: Best Treadmill Desk by
TR1200-DT5: Best Desk Treadmill Runner-Up by Treadmill Doctor
TR1200-DT5: Top 10 Best Treadmills by Business Insider

TR5000-DT5: Best Buy Treadmill Desk Winner by Treadmill Doctor
TR1200-DT5: Best Treadmill for the Workplace by Business Insider
TR1200-DT5: Featured in Wall Street Journal Europe
TR1200-DT5: Best Reviewed Treadmill Desk by Consumer Search
TR1200-DT5: Shown on Glee
TR1200-DT5: Shown on tosh.O
TR1200-DT5: Best Buy Treadmill Desk Runner-Up by Treadmill Doctor
TR1200-DT5: Featured in Cosmopolitan

TR1200-DT5: Best Budget Treadmill Desk Reader’s Choice Award by
TR1200-DT5: Featured in PC Magazine
TR1200-DT5: Best Buy Treadmill Desk by Fitness Professor
TR1200-DT5: Featured on Kelly and Michael
TR1200-DT5: Leading Review Group “Smart Pick” Winner by ShopSmart Consumer Reports
TR1200-DT5: Featured in Financial Times
TR1200-DT5: Featured on CBS National News the Today Show

TR1200-DT5: Best Budget Treadmill Desk Reader’s Choice Award by
TR1200-DT5: Best NEW Treadmill of the Year by Treadmill Doctor

Yeah, but most stand up desks that cost over $300 are almost always powered whereas this one is manual which is a complete pain to deal with. That alone makes this overpriced, even at $300 off others.

I think the makers of this treadmill ring a bell and laugh all the way to the bank every time someone purchases this.

The treadmill itself lists for $800, so at $1100 it’s a pretty good deal…if you’re in the market for a treadmill desk, that is…which I am, so I will probably order one later. I was literally comparing them last month and have a few links up for comparison at home, and I believe this is one of them (I’m on my tablet at my GF’s house).
As for the motorized standing desk, this company does make one, but it is significantly more expensive than this model. Even more so than the deal here today. I think I will be okay saving like, $800 buying this model.
Anyway, I’m going for this because I started working from home recently (if I’m not traveling), so this will be nice…and saving over $400 off the best price elsewhere is great!
I can use the money I’ll be saving on a motorized standing desk! :wink:

I bought one of these in 2014 from a Woot. Works great. I’m typing this posting on my Mac laptop while treading away. I’m retired but usually get up at the same time as when I was working (4AM) and spend about four hours on my treadmill desk at two MPH while surfing the web and watching TV. I love it. As a result my heart rate is now 45 BPM and BP is 120/70. Now if I could only push the dinner plate away sooner…

This is Mr. Fielding Mellish, one of our company’s research testers, who will demonstrate the Execu-ciser: