LifeSpan MyStride Activity Tracker

Do you have an activity tracker? If not, what do you plan on tracking with this?

It’s $24.99 including shipping at BJ’s website. So, unless you’ve bought something else today you can find it for the same price. :frowning:

Not a bad price for an activity tracker, but if you’re interested in tracking your activity online you’ll need the LifeSpan Fitness Club which costs $69 (lifetime). At the price of $19.99 + $5 shipping + $69 club = $93.99, I think you’re better off with a FitBit for $99.

Comparison links help us all!

You sure? I mean, Fitbits are notorious for getting lost very easily.

You are doing free advertising for them. It is like saying iPhones get stolen very frequently. Yes, because they are easy, simple to use, and are in high demand! Not sure if the FitBit One Plus is in such a high demand. If you fancy that, you can still buy a FitBit from the mothership, Amazon for $99.93.

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Now if we use it it will be worth it!!!

Well it’s kind of a boring topic anyway (and I’m just going on that comment based on friends that have them and lost them within a week of having them, it’s almost the first thing I hear about that brand), unless we’re in the mood to compare this one to that one! So let’s do that! :slight_smile: Why would I want this instead of a fitbit?

What tips can you give to keep from losing an activity tracker?

(Just don’t add your own referal links, that’s a definite no.)

what happened to the fubu jacket?

Walking helped me lose 65 lbs this year. From “obese” to “normal” with the help of my wireless pedometer.

What kind do you have?

Link to owner’s manual:

Is there just a simple record keeping method via USB to computer, i.e word - notepad - excel - anthing that is already on the common PC environment. Thanks