Lifespan Treadmill or Elliptical

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Lifespan Treadmill or Elliptical
Price: $799.99
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Condition: New


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4/10/2016 - $799.99 - Click To See Discussion (3 comments)


I find the MSRP disingenuous. It’s sold for $1299 pretty much everywhere. Still a good deal, but that kind of innocuous deceit bothers me.

This will draw the hordes to my next yard sale.

Is the warrantee the same one I would receive if I purchased this from a retail store?

I think that would mostly depend on the store where you were buying the treadmill. The warranty we are offering with this product is through the manufacturer. You can check out their Customer Service Page for FAQs and stuff.

Direct link to pseudo-warranty:

Doesn’t say how long it is and the only way to find out would be to have a serial number to register with the site to find out how long the warranty is.

Lifespan is a quality company who manufacture higher end exercise equipment

I owned this treadmill and my impressions are that it is a solid machine that will last for many, many years. The deck feels well-made (some but not a lot of flex was my impression), the unit doesn’t shake or rattle when running (even at high speeds: 8.0+ mph), and the console, while basic, gets the job done (at least for my needs). I tend to run at a pretty fast pace (8.0+ mph) and found the unit got up to speed extremely quickly.

However, if you are looking for a health club quality experience and are use to the treadmills at the gym, this is not for you. The deck is a few inches shorter and narrower than commercial treadmills and the shocks/cushioning are nowhere near what you’ll get in a commercial unit. The Lifefitness units basically use hard rubber discs as shock absorbers vs actual shocks that are in the types of units you see at a gym. I didn’t realize these things when I purchased the unit and so after a few runs, my knees (which are admittedly somewhat sensitive), really began to ache such that running on the treadmill more than once a week became nearly impossible (because it would take an entire week for my knee pain to completely go away so I could get on the treadmill again). So I sold it (at a substantial loss) and bought a commercial-like unit from Landice. Now no more knee pain. Of course, a commercial unit is going to cost substantially more but if you require the type of shock absorption those types of treadmills offer, then you really have no choice. However, if you only do light/slow running or walking, the Lifespan should serve you well. More serious runners though, those concerned about their knees, or those looking for a health club-like experience will need to look elsewhere.