LifeSpan Unity Exercise Bike Desk

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LifeSpan Unity Exercise Bike Desk
Price: $299.99
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That looks to be the perfect size table to hold an extra large pizza just for me.

I want that with a generator powered by the pedals, to run the laptop sitting on the desk. That means to surf the web, you must exercise by pedaling the thing.

This is a great idea. Like hamster power.

But- maybe not power the laptop since that’s battery powered but to power the monitor, or have a battery that charges on the bike that fills as you pedal.

Just like in the book “Ready Player One”. LOVE that book!

I like this item, and I need this item since I spend so much time on the computer. But will I purchase this item?? Hmm…

Not for those who can’t rub their bellies and pat their heads, chew gum and walk, etc. (i.e., won’t be on my wish list…)

The ladies in the picture really don’t need this. They should show me on that thing. I need this. But I need a seat with back support.