LifeStraw Family 1.0

I get to be first to comment! Yay me! I bought one and you should too.

Now, for all those who will say “It works out cheaper on Amazon” I say…

Yes, it does. But only if you don’t pay the use tax that would be due. I do which means I am still saving money. Not much admittedly but still saving. I’d rather pay the sales tax up front anyway.

I have this device and the larger group (bag) unit. I did test this one evening. I pulled some water from my sump pump hole. It was after a rain so it was running pretty good. Water was kind of blackish (I use black mulch around my home). I dumped a beer (don’t worry, it was a one of those cheep Nascar brands, “Milwaukee’s Best” I think). Took a couple of large plastic cub size swoops and dumped it in the container that I suspended from a door. The water had some small silt in it so figured this would be a good test. What came out the end was clean, clear and non-smelly water. Yep, I tasted it. Water. Rats… so much for beer flavored water.

As far as the use tax goes. Don’t get me started on that. My state pushed it and I called BS. It doesn’t protect the stores in my area one bit. Till they can compete in PRICE, the use tax isn’t going to discourage me from shopping online rather it’s woot, amazon or ebay and a host of others. Matter of fact, it makes me stay home more and not go out looking for something. That cuts down on me buying fuel, which results in no taxes for roads. Wear and tear on the car is less, less money to the local stealerships. It just helps out the Post Office, UPS and FedEx. So, when BestBuy, and a few other local big box stores applauded this move, their stores are still all but empty and talk of shutting down some of the stores in my area. Buying online has nothing to do with saving “taxes”, just saving money overall and convenience.

I am glad that you didn’t waste a good beer!