LifeStraw Family 1.0

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LifeStraw Family 1.0
Price: $44.99
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The comment from the May 1 woot is the only one, and seems worthwhile.

Hey, thanks LOL. I just sent this along with my son who took a “great lakes” tour. He went on the road camping for 10 days. Used my purifier when water didn’t smell/taste right. He said he didn’t take any water from Lake Michigan or Superior but I’m confident it would have been just fine. It’s designed for that purpose. It’s too bulky to take on a backpacking trip (the group bag is better if you have a large number of people). I’ve equipped my emergency bag(s) with GRAYL purifiers. Can’t beat’em for portability and ability.

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I remember when these were being developed.

My only question is, if they’re so bloody awesome, how come they’re being clearanced so often?

WOOT keeps me hydrated. A few months back I bought a rain-barrel, have that collecting rainwater from my roof. Now I get this so I can have lots of drinking water! Woo hoo.