LifeStraw Mission High-Volume Purifier

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LifeStraw Mission High-Volume Purifier
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Used this for 8 days on the Allagash river in Maine last year. Using it again this year. Works great, a tad slow at 5 minutes per liter or so, but you hang it up while you’re making dinner and there’ll be plenty to drink by the time your going to eat. Way better than using a pump, which I’ve done before. We brought 4 2-liter bottles for water supply, and filled them all during breakfast and dinner every day, and never wanted for clean water.

I work for a large Intnl. non-profit. We do humanitarian relief in very remote places around the world way off the grid. We use the LifeStraw and some larger purification devices as well.I like these because they pack down so well.

We also travel with the travel with a SunPortX1 solar light &charger from
Compact Solar Devices
It’s a fraction of the price of the big solar chargers and it does what you need in a small package.

What I need is something small (for travel) like the lifestraw and something that will power my small electrics ie…cellphone, batteries etc… something that gives me some light at night, lots of light! Something that I can just put out in the sun for the day to charge (no need to buy and replace batteries!).

Same as what anyone would need during a power outage at home.

So these lights, if the battery pack is @ ZERO, how long does it take to bring them back up to full charge? Didn’t spend much time looking around as I think if it was selling point, something like that would jump right out at you on the products description.

As far as this offering, I keep this device in my offsite bugout bag. I keep the older model for home us and have “tested” it. I used water from my sump pump hole during a storm so it had lots of crap in it at the time. It worked for me and just like what someone said about this one, it’s kinda slow at first. But bottom line it works. Don’t confuse the abilities of this purifier to the filter straw. Night and day.