LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

Great deal for the price. Bout 3x longer than the Sawyer Mini filters. I bought one on a prior woot deal. Also have the family 1.0 which is more for a base camp setup.
Haven’t used any of the three. I take the sawyer for hiking. Lifestraw personal for the emergency bag or truck. And the family 1.0 stays home or camping for emergencies.

Purchased on as a gold box deal. Can’t figure out reasonable use case. If I can’t carry enough water on a hike, I take my MSR water filter and that’s 100x more convenient then bending down over a water source. You can pump as much water a you want into a bottle with a regular pump and get back on your way, vs. laying on your belly and sucking water when you come upon a source.

Actually, after $5 Woot shipping it’s the same cost as Amazon and takes 2 to 3 times longer to arrive. If you buy multiple items through Woot at the same time to mitigate some of the shipping it might be worth it. Then again, you will wait much longer…

Are you talking about the $350 Ultrapurifier? For the average person who wants to build a bug out bag, that’s too much money when you can spend less then 20 bucks and get a “straw” that also get’s ride of virus. The life straw doesn’t clean viruses. The Seychelle Straw is an example. Just “squat”, scoope and keep moving. Use your straw to drink as you go. And you don’t have to lay down on your belly.

My water filter cost around $60. Why I prefer a pump to a straw is being able to pump a quantity of water into bottles/bags and continue the hike. What if you stoop down, get a drink and get thirsty a few hours later and there’s no water around? That won’t work for a multi day hike for sure, let alone a long day hike.

That was my point. You pump your water into a container of some type which is no different then reaching down and scooping up a bottle of water, and moving on. Does your $60 device remove viruses or do you use another method to kill them off? These filters (not the straw) allows you to fill it and forget it. Used one like these one weekend. We used river water, well water and some swamp water the boys brought back. End result was we all survived LOL. Water was no different the bottled water (clear, no after taste). These are good to keep in your home emergency kit or RV but not in your pack.