LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

This lifestyle really works I have drank muddy water and it tastes like clean safe drinking water

You can get these for just under $12.00 with free shipping at Amazon. Another Woot fail. When these people come to you with a product, doesn’t it behoove you to check other sites to make sure their every day price doesn’t beat your Woot “DEAL” price. And yes, I get the irony that Woot is owned by Amazon.

There are two $12 deals with free shipping. One listing says ships from China, the other ships from Taiwan. The Amazon Prime price sold by Amazon is $19.95.

The $12 straws from the Amazon link you provided could be useless knockoffs not made by the original manufacturer. I might be tempted to roll the dice and take my chances, but we’re talking about a filter for potentially wonky drinking water here.

And YES, I am hilariously aware of the irony that there is at least 90-95% chance the original manufactured licensed LifeStraw Is made in China as well. :laughing:

I’m more disturbed that the Amazon link has an ad, just below the price for 25% off Bissell Carpet Cleaning products as a companion product than anything else.

"Suck up dirty pet stains and drink them with a 25% off coupon - buy now!"

Do they pull out lead?