Lifetime Achievement Award

I feel this is some sort of horrible luck charm.

Really like all the little details in this design - the lungs, the in/out, and the “O2.”

Looks almost like a college logo, but cooler.

Thank god for that. Let’s hope it stays this way :slight_smile:

It’s like this shirt was made for me.

My first cranberry shirt and such a clever, hilarious design!

So excited! Oh god, oh god…can’t…breathe…

I’ve got the Theme Song for tonight’s shirt.

(Or at least the one that popped into my head when I saw this design.)

I’m highly tempted to purchase this for my couch-lounging, raging, horomonal, Call of Duty obsessed fifteen-year old brother.

I’ve always thought I deserved an award for managing to keep breathing for all these years. I feel so accomplished now.

When did the price of woot shirts go up to 12$?? I Must have missed something

Any shirt that has even a hint of In-N-Out on it gets added to my closet!

I had the same reaction a few weeks ago. :frowning:
They ought to at least knock a buck or two off for tax paying Texans! :wink:

@Calcartman I wondered the same thing,


apparently this change happened on the 16th with the ghostbuster shirt.

Funny, I thought you would post this song

I deserve to win this award!

I know someone whose spirit animal would be the two-toed sloth, so this would really suit him.

It even comes with motion-activated movement. What will they offer next?!

This is the kind of shirt you wear everywhere, that people have to look twice to see what it says, and is so clever. Too bad it’s now real money. It’s easy to drop a $10 bill–but a tee shirt for $12? put me down for none.

good gift for my respiratory therapist sister!