Lifezone Pro 6 Element 1500W Infrared Heater

Lifezone Pro 6 Element 1500W Infrared Heater
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Time to learn all about the warranty and lets learn all about lifesmart

we have returned 2 space heaters similiar (EdenPure) because of the noise factor - too noisy for sleeping. How much noise does this make it when it kicks on? Sound decibels? Important stuff because I don’t want to buy one and have to ship it back. THANKS,

1,500 Watts is a lot of electricity. If you came home at night and your kids had 30 (50-watt) lights bulbs burning in the house, wouldn’t you be upset?

Virtually ALL heaters have a 1500 watt setting and can be set lower.

I have this model (bought here) and it has an “eco” setting with half that, plus it will not turn on if the room temp is above 68 degrees.

There are no magic fairy dust heaters that substantially heat more than others with the same amount of power…some just get the heat circulated better.

This one is nice looking and the heating elements are well recessed. That’s all.

Want no noise? Buy an oil-filled radiator type heater WITH NO FAN.

Fans make noise.

“Infrared Technology provides natural heat.”

As opposed to “unnatural heat??”

Who writes this nonsense?

The same ones that pay extra for NATURAL foods.

This one looks identical, is $10 less (use promo code CEWK5021), and has free shipping:

[MOD: Different elements. See TT’s post below.]

Lifesmart writes this nonsense to justify charging 5x as much for a heater that delivers the same amount of heat for the same amount of electricity, I believe.

This might be the first time in a long time I’ve said “don’t blame Woot!.”

As far as I can tell, the real difference (besides price) between this and “regular” heaters is that this one has the heating elements on the inside, so it’s probably safer around kids/pets, and it looks more like furniture.

Does anyone own one who can articulate another non-imaginary difference? For $40, you can buy a regular heater with 750 & 1500 settings and a thermostat; why would someone want this one?

I would say this is the Dyson of heaters, except that Dyson makes heaters (and they’re even more expensive). But maybe you get my point anyway.

I beleive they’re referring to the fact that the infrared heat mimics the way the sun warms us. This would be opposed to convection or ceramic heaters, which use technologies less similar to the rays of the sun. Also, infrared heats objects and people in the room first (not the air) so it guves the perception of heating the space up more quickly. Adding a fan to this fills in the gaps convection heating that is similar to what your home HVAC unit does with hot air.

I just buy the cheap 1500 watt units from Aldi when they come out in the fall. Works for my small office to get it up to temp quick then I can shut it off. If your using to heat while sleeping I would look at other alternatives to a space heater. Never feel safe leaving these unattended.

I have same brand and similar model. I bought the 4 element a while back and was completely disappointed in it and wrote a negative review. I received the 6 element as a gift and must say it does work quite well. I don’t find it noisy but then it is in the living room. It heats the whole room evenly while not the fastest it does work. The main reason I like it because the unit itself does not get hot. There is nothing for kids to burn themselves on or if your pet gets too close. It saves money only because you can turn heat down in the whole house if staying in that room.

I agree with above, never leave this unattended as with any space heater.

OK, how would you feel if you came home at night and your kids had 15 (50-watt) bulbs burning in the house?

To all those saying there is no difference in heaters versus wattage- These heaters are much more efficient and safe than other types of heaters! Oil-filled radiators were mentioned- Those get really hot to the touch, yet only heat the are close to them. Electric-coil and ceramic radiant heaters are the same. Super hot at the source, yet no circulation. These don’t get super hot, so they’re safe for kids and pets, yet they blow forced hot air which heat a large area, just like a mini furnace. Light bulbs were also mentioned- Would 10 150-watt light bulbs in an array give off the same heat? Would you call that efficient? None of those other types are rated for 1500 square feet.

P.S. - those inflatable holiday decorations for your lawn use 1500 watts for the fan that blows the whole time.

YAAAWN , every winter its the same. … some one writes a dissertation on the magnetic field fluctuation of quartz heating coils they don’t understand followed by 20 comments arguing ohm’s law to 12 decimal places. In amongst all the confused chatter is always one voice of sanity. That voice always says: Just go to WOLLY WORLD and buy one… its just an electric heater for crows sake.