LIFX Mini White A19 Wi-Fi Smart Bulb

LIFX Mini White A19 Wi-Fi Smart Bulb

These bulbs are actually awesome

they light up?

I really want to jump on this, but I’d rather not mismatch my bulbs… A limit of 3 isn’t enough for me to swap all the ones I’m wanting to. Oh well.

you can get upto 25 bulbs from homedepot with a cheaper price too!
philips A19 LED wifi for $7.97

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I saw those, but I haven’t heard of the wiz bulbs before and wasn’t sure how they integrated with the Google ecosystem. I really want one that doesn’t have a weird, messy integration. I love the C by GE strips because they just work right out the box, no signing into a 3rd party app for setup and then linking it to my Google assistant or anything. But GEs bulbs are way too pricey. :joy: