Light & Motion Urban Bike Lights

Light & Motion Urban Bike Lights

Heh… that “quick-release” mount is only “a good idea” if it’s YOU who is releasing it. Otherwise it’s like “darn, I almost caught him”…

I have a sneaking suspicion the main difference between the 350 and the 900 is a bit of colored trim, a couple of different switches, and the size of the battery they install. For $30 difference it could be a 20,000mAh power pack, for an all-night-flashlight AND charge your tablet and phones repeatedly too…

You have to walk a fine line between keeping yourself (and/or a child) Visible and Safe, versus having a bike light that makes you a target of opportunity for “oooh, sparkly, I WANT that…”.

Be aware of “I’ll see your ‘Quick dismount’ and raise you ‘that BIKE is quite portable, when you think about it’…”. Paranoid? Where have YOU been recently?

Thoughts, anyone, on this being
“GoPro Interface Compatible”??

(things that make you go “hmm, wait, what?”

Are you talking to yourself again?


That’s the whole idea behind a “quick release.” You quickly release it and take it with you, so someone with a wrench or whatever doesn’t take thirty seconds to unbolt it (or whatever) and take it with them.

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Yes, I’m apparently talking to myself again (unless you were not talking ABOUT me but rather TO me, in which case I was obviously talking to YOU) and the tension is building (I hope it lasts).

Down in the details, the description-people make a comment about this light being “GoPro compatible”, and I’m trying to imagine how a bike light would interact with a GoPro camera setup… Auxiliary power? Secondary lighting?

I own a number of Light and Motion lights and keep them on my different bikes. They get lots of use. The quick release is essential as a light this good will get stolen if you leave it unattended no matter how secure you think it is mounted. You need a quick release to take it with you. These are excellent products. Bright and well made. They can illuminate the road and possibly save your life.