Light My Fire Black Pearl CampKit

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Light My Fire Black Pearl CampKit
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I bought one of these knives for my bug out bag because it’s a great knife. The blade is super sharp and the sheath snaps on real tight. The swedish fire steel works well and you can get some good sparkage from it. It fully recommend this.

This looks like a good value for what you are getting.

I am a bit confused why one of the pictures shows someone scraping shavings from the tinder stick with what appears to be the striker for the fire steel. That’s… Not what that’s for. Particularly silly since it comes with a knife.

I particularly got a kick out of these misuse photos:

It’s for finer shavings. That looks pretty clearly illustrated by the size of the wood coming off of both of them.

I think 4 pictures of a piece of wood is excessive… I would have liked to see the blade in finer detail… not the wood equivalent of a pet rock

But the interesting thing about that photo is the striker illustrated is not included in this particular setup. This kit does not include a striker, the spine of the knife is ground at 90 degrees to serve as the fire steel striker.

That being said, I agree it’s a good deal. The firesteel knife alone is priced higher than the kit being offered here. I’m in (even though I don’t need it) LOL!