Light My Fire Swedish FireKnife w/ Fire Starter

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Light My Fire Swedish FireKnife w/ Fire Starter
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Bought on a few months ago. Great knife. Has served me well through he hunting season.

I took a survival course last fall. The Morakniv line is the one that the instructor said was by far the best survival knife. I bought one without the fire starter and used it in the course. Great knife.

It is a decent knife, for the price. I have various “sheath” style knives, including a couple of these in my go bags, that cost more and seem to be a little more heavy duty so I would make this your nr 2 knife (or a backup) if you want to buy a knife like this (but even at 40-60 bucks, there are some very expensive SURVIVAL knives out there):

Les Stroud has a decent knife too that runs in the upper 30’s.

I also purchased this Light my fire knife about a year ago from sports Woot. I took it to many camping trips. Fire stick works very well, and the knife is quite sturdy and strong.
I recommend.

I believe one pictured Bear Grylls Ultimate survival knife is older model and you can probably get it under $30. Newer model do not have serrated edge.

Yeah, you are probably right. I’m not a big fan of the serrated/edged blade. Hard to sharpen it. And my experience with a leatherman blade, they wear out/wear down too fast.

Newer model (Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro) has higher quality steel as well.

People like to crap on the Bear Grylls knife, but other than the tacky logos and signatures, I think it looks like a well thought out knife.

For my money, I’d go for a “mora bushcraft orange” and all the fire starting you can get for the extra $30 you save with the mora.

The mora bushcraft is not really a “survival” knife, tho. Hard to sharpen outdoors and not full tang. So, the Bear Grylls knife is the better choice to throw in a bag and hopefully never have to use to its full potential. The mora will be easier and more enjoyable to use for wood processing because of the blade geometry and comfortable handle.

I’ve owned alot of mora knives.
My favorite & the best value is the Mora HD companion in carbon steel.
easy to sharpen and it holds a great edge
Dont buy this knife, get the HD Companion!

I’d agree, but I’d also add the Mora bushcraft carbon knife to that thought.