Light Therapy Floor Lamp

I need a new reading lamp. Will this fit the bill, or is it only useful for the therapy aspect?

How is this different than a regular lamp with a “natural daylight” light bulb?

I have a bonsai that needs 5-6 hrs sunlight a day. Will this work for plants?

I was wondering the same thing. I have a daylight bulbs in my ceiling fan, and darned if they don’t look like the sun is shining through the ceiling, without all the heat!

Does “4 way switch” mean you can adjust the light level?

Can I purhcase this and use the bulb in another regular lamp?

It has been a long time since I have looked into light therapy lamps. They emit UVA but don’t tan the skin. I don’t believe it would help a plant but it does help people with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). This is great for areas with a lot of rain or people who work nights or places with very high pollution that actually blocks the sun.

I just got mine last week and got it set up yesterday. It would be very good for interrogating prisoners. Or frying vampires. I obviously need to move it so it is casting a more diffuse light… The light is kind of blue. A lot more so than I would’ve expected from a daylight bulb. I would still give it a try for plants.

I don’t know what that 4-way switch business means. Mine seems to be either on or off. It is quite weighty so it doesn’t seem as though it will accidentally get knocked over. The quality is pretty good, too, given that it screws together. However the “arm” or whatever (the top part) is a little bit crooked so if you really looked, you’d notice that the lamp is not level. The catalog company it was originally from certainly, usually, sells very expensive home accessories. For the price, it is fine.

By the way, this comes with the required bulb and it has a special fitting. It has two pins on the base which get inserted into the socket, then you turn it to lock it into place.