Light-up Jack-O-Lantern Necklace

Light-up Jack-O-Lantern Necklace

Do these come with batteries?

Ditto here if batteries are included. Also, what’s up with the 48” loop- these would look kind of wacky with my 3 and 5 year old I’d imagine.

lol…luv how “description” says choice…and go to drop down and there’s only the ORANGE one there…pic does show two different types, but only ONE to choose from… can’t imagine that the others have already sold out??

Hi there. Sorry for the late answer. Weekend and all. Yes the batteries are included.

And yes, they’re already sold out. Go figure.

I’m not surprised, that was a very good price for a pumpkin necklace. They must not have been artisanal, organic pumpkins.