Lighted Beer Tower



Previosly Sold On 10/24/2012 for $24.99 (Woot-Off)


Good ol’ Woot putting a beer glass in the picture that wouldn’t fit under the nozzle of the dispenser…


Yeah, 'cause no one could tip the glass at an angle or put the dispenser near the edge of the table.


Yeah! You Tell `Em

You’re not gonna sit there and let that jerkface get away with saying that, are you?



I always get lit up near a beer tower.


This could be great to use with a growler from your local brewery.

It would make pouring the beer properly much easier than with a full growler.


Hahaha Right!


When the power goes out you’ll be able to use this as a lifesaving beacon of foamy sustenance!


I actually have one of these and regularly fill it up with some local Stout. It’s definitely a great way to keep a decent amount of beer chilled.


Does it hold 84 ounces in addition to the ice, or is it 84 ounces if you don’t use ice?.. So the next question would be how much beer does it hold if you use the ice?


I think the ice is in a separate compartment, so it would not be included in the volume of the pitcher.


I will stick with my kegerator, thank you very much. Although…it would be like having a second beer on draft. Hmmm…


I wonder about how it maintains carbonation?


I was wondering the same thing.


Fill glass, drink, repeat. No maintaining needed.


It will lose some when you fill it, and lose more when you dispense it. I wouldn’t recommend this for a growler, as it would mean it was being poured three times.

For mixed drinks, though, this looks great.


Well, of course, if you have a kegerator you will stick to it and pass on a $20 beer tower…


I purchased one during the summer Woot. Used it for our Halloween party, filled with blue Margarita mixings. Made the bartender’s job easier and looked cool. Nothing about it is beer-specific.

The ice does a good job of keeping it cool, and the LEDs do give it a neat glow.

Based on party reaction, next time we’ll put a punch in it so adults and kids can serve themselves the fully ready-to-drink. AND bring it to the campsite for sharing.


Looks like a great option for some type of hooch but a bad one for beer.