LightMe Solar Powered LED Bulb - 3 Pack

“And the screw base is E27 which is very common in most families”.

No one in my extended family has a screw base on their person.

Amazon? Do you guys have any kind of proofreading on the stuff you sell here? At least pre Amazon WOOT was a fun place to shop.

I get their use in outdoor camping, but how are these useful inside the house shown in the pictures?

Yea that is weird. I guess you set all your light bulbs in the house on your window sill and then put them all back in after work.

I believe the point of indoor use is that you can use it in a traditional lamp. It sounds like it would keep the battery charged and then it could be used in a power outage.

Does anyone have any experience with these and how they operate? If used as a traditional bulb, the lamp or fixture it is installed in would need to be on, meaning the light as well. Is there a way to turn off the lamp while it is charging? How fast does it charge if being used outside with it’s built in solar panels? Is there a photcell by any chance that it can turn on/off automatically when it gets dark/light?

I ordered two of these "3 Pack"s expecting to get six light bulbs. Instead, I received two light bulbs.
Also, there is not an on/off switch as stated. One must loosen the hook to have the light go off and firmly tighten it to have the light go on.

I’m very sorry!

Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

Is anyone else having trouble getting these to work? I initially got all three of them on, but basically after one use, only one works.