Lightning Audio Complete Bass System


Wednesday, December 07, 2005


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Putting the quality in “Quality Posts”:
[]p2, nickribs declares “really not worth your money”
]p2, alh081 decides “very good cheap deal”
[]p2, wildfxp decrees “this is worth it”
]p2, fmstatic demands “please DO NOT buy this as a gift for anyone. ever”
[]p3, Maximiilian despises this “CHEAP crap”
]p3, songs2001 defends this woot as “a good deal for anyone interested in starting their collection”
[]p3, liquidslap derides “this system is really laughable”
]p4, avenger deconstructs this package, component-by-component
[]p4, sicrew gives free installation info, but says, “If you get hurt or something blows up its not my fault”.
]p4, chunjaenim adds a tip including, it’s not worth paying to have this professionally installed.


“Your Bass or Mine”? That’s hilarious.

For history’s sake:

Lightning Audio Complete Bass System
$69.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: New

Looks like it’s $35 on eBay (Buy It Now) but with $30 shipping. Hmm. Meanwhile, Froogle’s got it for $189.83. No reviews at Epinions, unfortunately.


Nice woot but I will have to pass on this one
Overstock has em at 149 Woot wins


hi all~ first page!



Man, and I just bought one of these out of a guy’s trunk. Lame.

Not really.

These things are pretty bad. They sell them at Wal-Mart under the product name, “The Fast and the Furious.”


not too shabby


Egap tsrif !!



aka Playskool’s My First System

Nice Piece o’ Crap speaker for impressing those nubile middle school chicas with.

Remember-- girls dig lighting bolts :wink:

You are wootNmypants. (No I’m not!)


Oh man, bass!! I don’t know if I can resist - one for every vehicle?


omg looks good…

only if i know how to install + have $


super weak audio, do not buy for somebody for xmas

the price is great, yes, beats store prices,

the quality is very very low


You just got to ask yourself does this woot go or does it blow? Tonight I’d say it rocks.


THis would go so great in my minivan


Nice woot.

EDIT: NO, sounds pretty craooy to me. Here is what they go for on froogle.

or $189.83 plus shipping


thats rice, dude


Ill still with my Fosgate system, but w00table i spose


Nice woot. But already got good system.



NIce bass you must work out


the last home bass drive was good, lightning audio just sucks imo. wootnight:)