Lightning Bugs

Nice work! Very atmospheric.

The past and future in glorious harmony.


Thanks very much! I’m excited this was so well received :slight_smile:

This. is. awesome.

Love it!

Well done

Ooh, what a lovely bit of art from Woot, I really like…

… waitaminute…

… okay, that’s clevery. Very shiny.

Cleverly minimalist and a super appealing concept. No surprises at all that it took 1st, congrats kev’!

Seems a bit derivative of this piece:

I don’t get it. What’s it supposed to be? Think.

Oh. I get it.



  1. Really, just a copy of the image with no link?
    Oh, but wait… there’s also
    which leads me to
  2. It’s not derivative, it’s an instance of two or more people coming up with the same or a very similar idea at around the same time, with no knowledge that anyone else is working on the same concept.

Congrats to Kevlar51 for a job well done!

Agreed. Even if it was “inspired by” (it wasn’t, I’d wager) this stands on it’s own by concept and treatment. Really lovely work, congrats (again) Kevlar51.

wow…another unoriginal woot shirt. Not to take away from the work, but to think two people had this close of an idea is just untrue… There had to have been some inspiration, more derived from the that link. It’s just too close IMO. Still though, out of the two shirts, I do like Kevlar’s version better.

It’s a firefly in a jar. I’m pretty sure two artists could think of that without copying each other.

Kevlar- This is great! I love the beauty of it. Ignore the naysayers. It might be a similar idea but you’ve taken it to a different level.

I haven’t seen Firefly and I wanted this shirt. Simply a brilliant execution of a clever concept. Well done.

especially considering the name of the contest was: Derby #534: lightning in a bottle!

I’m still buying a couple shirts for family/friends, even though the “lightning” won’t illuminate in the dark. Thanks, again, Kevlar51

As a shirt.woot artist and as a t-shirt artist in general, all I can do is share my experience with how this whole “business” works.

  1. I come up with an original concept.
    2, I google phrases that I think best relate to my concept.
  2. I find nothing that relates, or I find poorly executed ideas on which I know I can improve.
  3. I create my art and submit it to Woot, fully knowing they have superior Google fu skills at their disposal.
  4. My idea is accepted, or rejected.

I know there are clever folks like you out there with crazy knowledge of every internet meme and community post ever uploaded to the web, but this is art. It’s competitive like any other field. There are going to me similar artworks, just like there are going to be similar commercial products. Buy the ones you like and eschew the ones you don’t.
Don’t be afraid to report the blatant 1:1 copies, but don’t be that guy/girl who has to show everyone what an expert you are on everything that was ever posted to the web.
Now they don’t happen every day, so please calm the @#$% down and just appreciated a great Woot shirt.