Lightning Bugs


Sweet shirt! In for 1!!!


in for one =)


I would like this a little more if the design were a bit smaller.


Ooo glows in the dark. Sounds cool.


Specialty ink? Awesome! I almost want to get it just for that!


First glow-in the dark… too bad the front page image doesn’t do it justice. I wonder what it looks like irl. Also, I haven’t seen a royal blue shirt in awhile(if ever), does anyone have pictures of it?


It really glows in the dark?!?! I will have to think about this, but will most likely end up being in for one.


Cool design! I think i’m going to get one.


Looks like the gatorade logo…


Glows in the dark?! is that new? or have I been in the dark all this time???

cute idea, a little big though


Ooh glows in the dark. Didn’t know woot could print that.


Pass! I have too many blue woot tees


Creative…but i can’t believe i stayed up for this. I like it, just not something i would buy, or put on a shirt.


Hmm… no “sad rat” on page one so…** Think you missed it? Check out:**

— original message follows —

Fun shirt.

May have to buy one in the morning when my daughter gets up… if they’re still here. :slight_smile:

Edit: Sold… the “glow in the dark” got me, and it’s a great shirt for it.


glow in the dark? oh hell yes I haven’t had one of these since I was 8! so stoked

edit: sad rat got SO owned


Does this mean that Derby entries can feature glow in the dark designs now?


Ooo woot has glow in the dark ink now. Just think about it! Congrats to the artist you get to play with the ink first.


This shirt is perfect for those San Diego chargers fans


Specialty Ink. Neat Woot. Congratulations to the artist. Not for me, but congrats on the daily! Awesome artist. Checked out your website. Amazing talent!