Lights, Camera, Jail!

Ancient! Internet Explorer 5?; Win98? Boggles the mind.


I spied someone changing their shirt on my porch.

warning: funny but it’s not pretty

See specs for Zmodo CM-I12316GY.

It’s got a hare drive.

Ok, so I quickly tried to look up this camera online. The specs are really vague.

Does this camera need an separate DVR to record video? If not, how much video can it hold? How many days worth or continuous record? Does it support a mobile app or mobile (Iphone) browser? Says it supports OS’s up to vista. What about windows 7 or 8?

I was gonna buy 3 but I really need some clarification before I drop that much money.

Can you specify which camera you’re asking about?

all these types of cameras require a dvr to record or view the video. The cameras will connect to the DVR with a cable that has a BNC connector, and also has to connect to a power supply. Don’t buy an individual camera if you don’t already have a system set up. The individual camera would be for someone who wants to expand an existing system. Hope this helps. PS…650 TVL is good. I think 700 or 750 is the max they make (unless you go Megapixel cameras) . I personally wouldn’t get anything with less that 650 TVL.

Good God man! A little warning next time!

You can find the 3 cable wire that includes the audio cable built in on amazon for around $10 for 10 ft. You will need that for the Sony Effio-E cam.

Sorry $10 for 100ft

After an arson at a US acknowledged historic place I captured on various cameras who did it, when they did it, and what path they took throughout the place.

Description of outdoor ip cam says you can record video “when motion is DEFECTED!!!”

My EYES! They just melted! Argh!

Wow, that’s a neat story!

Wow! I left out the most important part. My bad. anyhow the model is Zmodo CM-I12316GY Wireless IP Outdoor Camera.

The woot specs say that it has a built in web server and can record if motion is detected or take still frames. Also live viewing via web browser. Thats why I was wondering if a DVR was needed or if they had built in memory.

I have a high end LTS webserver camera I use for a baby monitor that does all this but it doesn’t record unless you setup the software on a computer and use the computer as a dvr. Was wondering if this was similar or not.

This doesnt have any kind of built in memory. If you want somethign recorded, you’ll need to be running software on a computer somewhere that connects to one of the “streams” on the camera, and records what is being returned