Lights of emerald city

eh its ok but im not gonna buy it

I am not pleased. I was hoping for The Art of Creation.

Congrads, however, to soldoutd. :slight_smile:

Oh cool. That’s not at all like a giant arrow pointing to my crotch.

This shirt reminds me of the song Emerald City by the band United States of Electronica, in for one.

If this didn’t have a guy on the bottom of the shirt, I would totally buy one.

shame this couldn’t be printed the way it should be… all the way to the bottom of the shirt.

great shirt. looking forward to adder being overjoyed that it won.

Aww… but I wanted the way more poorly done tee that looked like yesterday’s! Now I’ll just have to wait til next week and hope someone draws bunnies. :frowning:

This is such an awesome shirt.

“Do not arouse the wrath of the great and powerful Wooters! I said come back tomorrow.”

Hehe, yeah, the length of the shirts on me would make the guy hover right about -there-.

Hmmm. I’ll bet in this shirt, I could while away the hours conferring with the flowers, consulting with the rain.

This is how he did it.

It doesn’t show that on the shirt, of course, because then it wouldn’t be as pretty, but that’s about it. See, he’s actually holding spray paint–not chalk. Sneaky devil.

In actuality, that city really is beautiful; the details are really fun to look at (O M G BIRDS!), plus the pretty colors… but (yes, I will lower myself to beating a dead horse) that man down there on the goodie trail… he’s just not doing it for me… sorry.

Love the city part and those colors. Would buy it if the man was less contrasting or eliminated. Nonetheless - congrats!

This reminds of me of the book The City of Ember.

This would be really cool if it glowed in the dark. Even though - I’m in for one. It’s unique, I like it.

I see the lights but I’m not getting that “emerald city” feel. It’s a tad too clustered. Maybe it really would have been a great shirt if the drawing was purple.

Reminds me of bioluminescence. I kayaked the bioluminescent bay in Puerto Rico once and that was pretty cool, thats what this shirt makes me think of. I imagine this city is made up solely of those little critters.

I would think this shirt would go insane under a black light, but there is only one way to tell, and that is when it arrives at my door. :stuck_out_tongue:

It looks like a big chandelier, and the guy is pulling the chain to turn the lights on… as if chandeliers had pull chains. Am I seeing it the way the artist intended me to? I tend to miss the obvious.