Lights of emerald city

Do you live at a nightclub? Or perhaps at some sort of laser tag establishment?

When you don’t focus your eyes it looks like a giant green balloon.

Congrats. But I really wanted that Art of Creation shirt. =/

Why purple? Is that really random only to me?

Now that’s awesome.

Good thing this shirt isn’t being liquidated, like the wicked witch.

I have worn some woot shirts under a black light and some of the colors do glow (like the white, for instance, and some of the greens) This may just glow for you under a black light.

I just won’t promise you your money back if it doesn’t.

congratulations. On the print.

I’m glad this printed. This and Art of Creation have similar concepts. This one (even with the kind of off-putting person) is miles, miles better, if only because its buildings have form and use colors in an interesting way. Art of Creation was a demonstration in how to make these sort of elements as bland as possible.

To tone down the guy at the bottom of the shirt, just take a black Sharpie to it. Shade him in a little or eliminate him completely.

In for one. Was hoping for the other one or both of these, but last night’s got second place.

Heres to a good looking shirt!

I kayaked once, and hurt my back :(.

O M G! That guy is GOD!

I was taking it from the shirt description about Harold and his Purple crayon, which goes with book series Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson. Tons of books in the series. Man I’m so old. Mostly pictures. With the purple crayon Harold would be able to draw many things that take on a physical but on dimension object. Like if he need to climb up to a place he would draw a set of stairs, then walk up them.

Might make a good kids movie, that is if Tim Burton doesn’t direct it.

Wait… are you saying that not only did you not have chess sets in school, but you didn’t have Harold and the Purple Crayon books either?


No, I remember the purple crayon! But that wasn’t at school. I think my mom got it from the library. I loved it because of the texture of everything he drew with the crayon… and because it was purple. It just wouldn’t be the same it it had been green.

–Wait, there was more than one purple crayon book?

Congratulations. I love the colors of the city.

lol! :smiley:

Wow! Great shirt! Better without the guy, but I still ordered one.

At first I thought there were just a few but there are a lot, and many editions… But perhaps in some respects all you needed was to read one of the earlier ones to get the “magic” of what was going to be in the future books.