i need to find a good site for cheap LightScribe cd and dvds. 50 cent to a buck is hard to swallow. thanks for your help fellow wooters.


Ask FenStar…he’ll help you.


Come on KT, you’re the shopping link maven here. Do that linky-link thing you do so well
when it comes to buying stuff.


I have to make FenStar work to earn his keep around here…

He’s my protégé…this is a test.


Verbatim 4.7GB 16X DVD+R LightScribe 2 x 10 Packs Spindle Box Discs - $14.99

$8.00 rebate

$6.99ish for 20…so 35 cents a piece.


I have a real test tomorrow, that I will probably fail.




Real test is life…getting married, getting a job, changing diapers…


P.S. Good luck, tomorrow. You’ll do fine…


thanks for the info, it is better than the other prices ive seen. i went to newegg and did not see it. lol i need to stay off the drinks.


good luck on your test


you know this thread reminded me of lite bright.
I used to play with that at my friend’s house. What fun the 70’s were.


LiteBrite Simulator

Now you’ve got that song going through my head… “Light Brite, making things with lite…”


we didn’t have a tv, so I miss out on all the theme songs and ads that others can chime in unison.