Like A Lightbulb

As a Jew, I’m probably not going to get it, but I do know that Jerry the Brown Nose Reindeer thinks it’s great.

This is shirt is creep-tastic. Then I noticed it was by Mike Myers - now I know why. If I buy one and wear it next Halloween, will I be the chick that survives?

Rudolph has too sinister of a look. Hard times seem to have taken their toll on the poor dear, I mean deer.

That’s a tad… creepy.

Gives a new meaning to the “Red Light District”

the horror! the horror! christmas ruined…again.

Blatant reference the artist has no doubt heard a billion times before coming right up.

As a card carrying member of PETmA, I find this shirt offensive. Please remember that mythical animals are not ours for use in entertainment, experiments, or for illumination. How would you like it if you were a reindeer with a glowing nose and people joked about making you into a night light? I doubt you’d think it was funny. Flying reindeer, like all mythical animals, have a mythical brain and a mythical central nervous system. They feel mythical fear, mythical pain, mythical sadness and other mythical emotions, just like you and me. Please don’t buy this shirt, it’s just downright offensive to all the cute lil mythical flying reindeer with glowing noses minding their own mythical business.

so…what’s powering the nose?

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Oh deer! This shirt is shirt is so frightening, it’s practically abominable!

The Energizer Bunny

Coincidentally, his rear is hanging out of the other side of the cave wall

The yeti certainly seems to deeply regret what it has done. There’s an existential horror film written all over its face.

Wait, wasn’t the abominable snowman’s teeth all extracted by the little rebellious elf? And come to think of it, how cruel could you be to extract EVERY TOOTH from… anything?

Rudolph and his pals… they all had it coming.

There’s reaching for puns and then there’s violating the Geneva Convention. I’ll let the Hague decide what you did here.

This. Was. Awesome. I was wondering if anyone else noticed too.

Great, now I’m going to have to get a tee shirt that says “I am neither the comic actor of Wayne’s World fame, the fictional axe murderer featured in the Halloween film series, or the shirt.woot designer.”

Damn this common name!

Is that an abominable snowman, or is that the aftermath of an encounter between Rudolph and a wampa?

His beak blinks like a blinking beacon!