Like a Phoenix

Colors look great on the asphalt – a nice subtle glow. I may have to find a D + D game to wear this to ; )

Don’t mess with the phoenix, or you’ll get burned.

Congrats to my buddy Matt on his awesome shirt today and specially on the Spotlight. Well deserve my friend!

Saving throw!

Click this image to see a BIG version>>

Great shirt, Matt. And congratulations on the side sale. :slight_smile:

Congrats Spiritgreen! and felicidades on the side sale! :slight_smile: Amazing work!

I don’t know much about D&D, but this is gorgeous as usual. Fire can be tricky to tone nicely and this really works.
Nice spotlight too Spirit!

Love it- The Critical Comeback from the brink of death is the best of feelings… I still think we should have an online shirt.woot D&D campaign running… :wink: I’d GM. heh

Sweet design :smiley:

Thanks guys! And thanks Woot-team for throwing the side sale with four new D&D inspired shirts and my old faves.

I haven’t played D&D since high school, it’s just not possible, but my love of it lives on by listening to Harmontown and making these designs. :^)

A bit of D&D advice I learned the hard way - NEVER name a character Phoenix.


Especially if your only resurrection option is a druid.

(In the course of a 3rd->epic campaign, Phoenix died over 25 times, and among the things she came back as were a horned kender with a tail, a kobold, and a larva.)

That being said, IN FOR AT LEAST ONE!!!

As a side note, my backup character for Phoenix was named Strongarm Neverdie, and she promptly died when I pulled her out for a session… Murphy’s Law is clearly a major rule of D&D.