Like A State Fair In Your Kitchen



Let’s get creative with these so called unitaskers.

Present your best alternate uses below!


That electric lemonade maker also makes the simple syrup for the lemonade? Neat!

Looks like it might be good for a Sangria pitcher, anyhow.


Got the pigs in the blanket maker over the summer.

Tried making tiny eggrolls using store bought eggroll wraps and precooked fillings, but the wraps were tough and needed lots of oil and didn’t take kindly to overlapping. Might try homemade wraps next time. Family loved the few that turned out okay.


I bought the brownie maker last time Woot offerred it. I just opened the box this morning and was disappointed there were NO instructions (booklet or otherwise) nor any info about the warranty. I went online to find a way to phone the company only to find the only contact was thru email (which I’ve sent).

For any of you facing missing instructions for their products you can get them in a pdf file for most of the “makers” by going to

UPDATE: I received a timely email from the company (smartplanet)which is sending the requested booklet and warranty info. Am impressed with their responsiveness. Also, made a batch of brownies this afternoon - if you like crispy sides as much as soft centers this is a terrific machine! Also, added small Hershey’s chocolates…mmmmmmm


Can you say overspecialization? A pigs in the blanket maker? Who would dream up something like that anyway? Not even Ron Popeil would sell that. Give me an in-the-shell-egg-scrambler anytime.


I bought one Quesadilla Maker, hopefully the giftees will like it.


If there’s going to be a State Fair in my kitchen, I’m going to need a Big Tex … In the microwave?


I have the cake pop maker. I love using it to make savory items for appetizers. There are tons of recipes out there now - like this one for Thai Crab Bites


I got the pig in the blanket maker - and LOVE IT! Jiffy corn mix, and little smokies - Done!

Cake pop thing - BURNS BURNS BURN… WAY TOO HOT… 2 minutes perfect outside, and raw inside. 3 minutes perfect inside - blacken charred outside.

Has anybody else have this problem with the cake pop?


I think that would be on the outdoor BBQ grill on high flame.


Buying a second Pigs in a Blanket maker. This has been a great way to make a hot breakfast for my little kids. It’s finger food they can eat in the car on the way to school!

I just make-ahead sausage and scrambled eggs, crumble, then in the morning add them to waffle batter in the maker. Bake for 6 min. Yummy dipped in syrup, or if left plain, a no-mess option for breakfast in the car.

I only wish it made more per batch, so that’s why I’m getting another one.


RIP big Tex


Has anyone tried using the meatball cooker for making falafel?


Has anyone purchased the meatball maker and actually used it for meatballs? Good or not so good?
And has anyone grabbed the pie maker? How did the little pies come out?


I’ll bet you’re using store bought cake mixes with this thing. Short of sending it back for a thermostat adjustment, you might try your hand at using a “scratch” cake recipe. Less sugar & artificial ingredients might cut down on the burning.
It is surprisingly easy to cook the the way our grandmothers did and a lot of times, tastier. Another tip is to use less batter in each hole, thus allowing the batter to cook all the way through.

I have a girl friend who has the pie maker and wishes she didn’t because she is getting fat! She says it make wonderful little pies, both sweet and savory. Her kids loved the leftover turkey dinner pies she made with the thing. I wonder if it could be used to make big ol’ pot stickers.


Thanks for your input! it’s so funny cos i was thinking the exact same thing…pot stickers!
and little chicken/turkey pot pies…what a great idea…i think i’m gonna have to get one just to make those.


mod/mods… i just did a search on the meatball maker and MBM-1 shows up on other sites as having 7 spaces for meatballs while the picture you have here only shows 6…can you confirm how many meatballs the one you’re selling makes?
thank you!


Your search might have been this model:

That appears to be a different model (mini-meatballs?)then the one we’re selling here on Home Plus.

This particular model on our site only does 6 meatballs.

Hope this was helpful.

Woot Staff


okay thanks… but why would the model number be the same if they’re two different products?
i would prefer the one you’re selling cos i would like 6 big meatballs as opposed to 7 smaller ones but i’m trying to find reviews for the one you’re selling.
sorry for being a pain in the a$$.