Like Music to my Wallet



What holiday tunes are you singing today? Also to answer my own question on the sales page - the bongos. Seriously!


I bought two of these last time they came one. Still working great. I have had few that I bought from the music stores and rarely I would be able to fit them just right on the first try. With these, I have yet to fail on the first try.


Are these Kona or Kohala ukuleles?


What are you referring to, the gig bags?


Man, even if that violin is garbage that’s a great deal!


I would like to know this too. I just ordered this thinking it was a Kohala Ukulele.


Any thoughts on the 20’ cables? I just broke my 1/4" cable last week and need a replacement.


Do the bongos come with Matthew McConaughey?


I purchased the violin for dummies set for my daughter for high school orchestra, and the violin, case, and bow all have held up nicely.

I can recommend this purchase.

Ultimately, if your child sticks with violin you will want to purchase them a nicer instrument, but this instrument is a good starter and is less expensive than rental.

When it arrives I had to install the bridge and also tune it. Keep in mind while tuning to work in small increments. Also, make sure to use the fine tuners as you get close or you may find it is easy to break the strings (this is with any violin).

The rosin that ships with this is okay, but I would invest in some $8 - $12 rosin as it will throw off less dust while being played.

Good luck!


Really, Woot? REALLY? I had the conversation LAST NIGHT with my roommate about how I’d always wanted to pick up the violin (we were listening to Tchaikovsky, it was topical) and now this happens?

I can’t remotely afford to randomly splash out a hundred bucks on ANYTHING right now, I still need to figure out WTF about my mom’s Christmas gift since they sold out of what I wanted to get her… auuuugh! cry


Kind of easy to figure this one out. $11 + $5 shipping = $16 total and then a week or so waiting for it to get to you. Or, you could run down to you local music store and pick up one for the same or less and have it today. Unless of course you are ordering something else today and have unlocked free shipping it is a no brainer to just go to your local store and get one. Saves all kinds of time and probably money too.


Don’t worry, $100 violins are available constantly online. I just got an electric for $75 as my starter. So far so good :slight_smile:


My apologies. I was referring to the Capos.


The nice thing about the strat and P-Bass knock offs is how easy they are to customize and make your own. just look up “strat pickguard” and you’ll find hundreds of pickguards, from 50s sci-fi to art deco, and its really easy to swap them out so a great way to hand somebody a truly nice looking customized guitar for their first to learn on.


They are Kohala. We fixed the sale to show this.


Thanks! :] Good to know!


Ok…so kohala it is…more info needed though. Soprano ? Concert? What it be?


Where’s the LOVE for the lefties?